4 Reasons to Blog On Your Website


Blogging is one of the most important things for businesses and organizations to raise their profile and increase their brand.


Many questions come up once you decide to start a blog for your company or organization. I believe the most important is: “Where should we put the blog?”


There are a lot of solid platforms for hosting blogs out there (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr), but the best place to host a blog is on your website.


Some people might make an argument for the contrary, but if you think about it, would a major company like Apple or Ford Motor Company direct people to a blog that is separate from their website?


It is important to take every advantage when it comes to your company’s brand in social media and hosting a blog on your site is an easy way to do that.


Here are the reasons why it is best to blog on your own website:


1. Search Engine Optimization


SEO is the biggest reason to host a blog on your website because it allows for your website to be constantly updated with fresh material which helps with Google rankings and attracts visitors to your site. Also, instead of drawing visitors to separate URLs, there is only one place for them to land.


2. Website Archive

This is very similar to SEO, but on a long-term scale. Your website grows one blog post at a time and over time this will increase your archive. This gives you the opportunity to bring more visitors in the long term by having a wealth of information on your website.


3. Seamless Visitor Experience


Branding is extremely important on websites and having one brand instead of two is much easier for you and your visitors. By keeping it all under one roof so to speak, it allows for visitors to have the same experience with your brand.


4. Easier to Maintain


The last reason is the simplest. By not having to maintain a secondary website with the separate blog, you keep your workload lighter, which is always preferable.


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– Paul