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5 Blog Ideas to Crank Out Killer Content

Many content strategies center on a blog.

I know ours does at 360Connext. Our blog is the hub of our thought leadership, our reactions to current events, our “x marks the treasure” spot on our social media map!

I write several times a week and I’m often asked where we come up with our content. It’s challenging to write frequently around similar topics, but when I’m stuck for blog ideas I’ve found some resources that help. Maybe these will help you, too.

Before jumping into the ideas for content generation, I’d also say it gets easier the more you do it! So jump in, keep blogging and don’t give up!

1. Listen to the questions.

It’s great to start tracking what people ask you. Really key in on what they’re trying to learn. I get great questions when I speak at events and try to record those as quickly as I can to write about them later. You can also hear follow up questions when people are first learning about you and your business.

2. Do some creative searches.

I’m not a fan of jumping on the trending topics just to jump on them. It feels disingenuous and inauthentic most of the time. And if EVERYONE is writing a blog about the lessons of the latest social media brand disaster, don’t feel pressured to add to the noise. Instead, search for recent news about YOUR topic or industry.



Consider if you can add value or share education from there. I use Google News search and try some pretty random combinations sometime, like “customer experience” + “social media” + “specific brand or event.” Some searches come up empty, but this exercise can help you find topics that inspire you in ways you might otherwise miss!

3. Find YOUR publications.

There are plenty of overused resources like Mashable that others use. I prefer to check the ones that most apply to me and my role. I peruse Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Retail Customer Experience, Multichannel Merchant, and more. These publications often are a step ahead of the bigger media outlets when it comes to issues that matter to me and our readers.

4. Ask your readers.

It’s amazing how we DON’T do this. We get so wrapped up in our daily duties we forget to ask the questions. What would you like us to write about? What topics matter to you? What do you wish you knew more about? They’ll answer and tell you what you can write about next!

5. Pay attention to comments.

I love when readers tell me what to do next! One particularly pertinent commenter requested a “part 2” to a blog. Brilliant! Readers really do know best, so don’t be afraid to share the good stuff they request.

Generating useful content on an ongoing basis is challenging, but it’s a critical part of any content and social media strategy. Social media is very effective for pointing an audience back to your blog, which can be the center of your strategy.

How do you like to come up with ideas for your blog content? What works for you?

Image credit: Drew Coffman