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5 Twitter Tools Everyone Should Be Using

Twitter is full fantastic information and insights.  However, most social media marketing people are not using it to it’s full potential.  When data tools are added to sift through Twitter’s endless information, the social media platform becomes more than just useful.

Here are a few of my favorite Twitter tools:

1.  Followerwonk

Followerwonk by Moz is one of my favorite Twitter tools.  This tool allows you to sort through your followers, search Twitter bios from any user or just from your followers, compare users, and easily export all of this information.  The best part of it for me has always been the ability to sort my followers by search Twitter bios.  This allows for me to find people that follow me that are doing or working on things that I want to connect with at that moment.

2.  Twitonomy

Twitonomy has a free version and paid ($20 per month) version.  This tool allows you to see the best times for you to post, your record of tweets sent, messages received, followers, and potential reach.  It also sorts your followers and your tweets for you.


Twitter analytics have become more and more sophisticated.  They now allow you to see the purchase behaviors, income levels, marital status, and preferred provider information.  This is being used to improve their overall advertising platform.  They also break your tweet history down by month and show you the top new follower, most engaged tweet, and your user stats from that month.

4.  Tweetreach

Tweetreach is great if you run a Twitter chat or would like to track your tweet’s success.  After my #TheSMGirl Twitter chats, I use Tweetreach to see how many people engaged in the chat, how far the chat’s reach was and who my top engagers were for that day.

5.  Demographics Pro

Demographics Pro is amazing.  It tells you everything you could ever want to know about your audience.  How late they stay up, what their favorite TV shows are, their favorite brands, etc. You can even compare your self and other users. It will break down your profile by your followers.

Here is a sample report of my Twitter profile.  As you can see, it tells me A LOT about my followers and about what my account represents. The most valuable insights from this are the overall statistics about my followers.  For instance, if I were trying to be known for cooking and I saw the statistics below, I would know that I need start changing my Twitter strategy.  This tool is a bit more expensive, but they do offer a free trial that I think it worth looking into.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.22.10 PM

I hope that this was helpful for you guy!  I know that these tools have helped me grow my audience on Twitter.  If you would like more social media insights, you can join my Twitter chats, Tuesdays at 1PM PST.  You can join by using the hashtag, #TheSmGirl.

These are all great tools, are there any tools that I did not mention that you like to use?