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6 Must Have Travel Apps for Summer

It’s summertime! You know what that means? It’s time for a vacation, but between working full-time, juggling active kids and doing endless amounts of yard work, who has time to plan?  Fortunately there are many apps available to help you before, during and after your trip.  Check out these six must have travel applications:

Have a destination picked out, but not sure how to spend your time?  Find out what other travelers suggest.  With TipList, frequent travelers make lists about their favorite places to visit.  This app is still in Beta form so there is not a TipList for every city in the US, but you can find tips for most major cities. is a worldwide community and travel guide for explorers.  When searching for your destination, you will be able to view pictures, learn history and read advice from recent travelers.  Connect with travelers all around the world.  

No more scrambling through your over capacitated email account to find all of your travel documents.  You can forward TripIt all of your travel confirmation emails and receive master itineraries with travel plans.  Your TripIt itineraries are accessible from just about anywhere and can be shared among your travel companions.  

Never been to a specific airport?  No problem.  With, you learn the airport before you even get there (perfect for all your worrisome travel buddies).  Just type in the airport and you’ll find user-friendly maps, places to eat and shop as well as all airport contact information.  

If you’ve ever been on vacation, you know that without careful budgeting, your trip can become much more expensive than first anticipated.  With Simply Declare, you can add, update and manage all of your travel expenses in the palm of your hand.  

MyTripJournal allows you to share photos and experiences from your latest venture.  With MyTripJournal, you can easily create your very own travel website (no coding experience necessary) to share with your friends and family once you return.  

No one ever said planning a trip was an easy.  There are a lot of elements to think about: flights, meals, adventures and more.  But thanks to online applications, planning a vacation is becoming simpler task.  

Photo Credit: L2 Blog