6 of the Best Social Media Campaigns Ever

Modern day narrative is written in the script of social media. You have to make your presence felt at social media platforms or soon you will be a non entity. Whether it is a marketing or political campaign, social media is the most preferred platform for the same. 

From the inception of the social media age, various campaigns have hit the band wagon of success. Yet, there are very few of them being recognized as the best ones. In this Article, I am covering 6 of such best social media campaigns which have been listed as best in Forbes list.


  •  Farmville Bing mating turned out to be a huge successful social media campaign. 
  •  “The Bing Farmville engagement” has intelligently worked on the idea of profiting from the Farmville success. They conditioned Farmville’s free cash with liking Bing on facebook. 
  •  The idea worked wonder for Bing. It did not just end up with facebook likes but sources show that most users end up actually using Bing finally.  
  •  Bing’s Farmville based ad campaign has succeeded in gravitating more than 400,000 new users to facebook. So, its massive success definitely renders it among the best social media campaigns. 
  •  It has been successful in catching up the demographics which were previously considered very difficult and tricky. Homemakers have never been so much into games before as they are and the credit goes to Farmville. 
  •  It is recommended for several awards and also managed to secure a slot in the Forbes best social media campaign ever. 

Cadbury “Gorilla”:

  • Cadbury Gorilla, the online video advertisements have become a great stake holder in social media marketing.
  •  Cadbury UK launched a 90 seconds online advertisement on YouTube featuring a euphoric gorilla drumming to the music of Phil Collins. The YouTube hit spread like a virus to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, with more and more people recommending and liking the clip. 
  •  Cadbury gorilla became an instant rage and bagged many popular awards and also has been named in Forbes list of best social media campaign ever. 
  •  The insane and unbelievable number of traffic it received at diverse social media platforms resulted in raising the popularity of brand and revived the consumer brand bond. 

Barrack Obama Social media campaign: 

 Source: Huffington Post

  •  It introduced unprecedented possibilities of social media expertise into political campaigns. Obama’s campaign accessed   voters and supporters smoothly and conveniently through social media platforms. 
  •  It saved them all the clumsy “leg work” and campaigning hassles and revamped the interest of youth into politics. He and his team regularly updated Facebook status and tweets about their activities which tuned infectious as his supporters easily spread his message across. 
  • It could be definitely termed as the best social media campaign as it defined new social networking trends and developed enormous following for the president.  

The Dark Knight “Why So Serious”:

  • The social media promotional campaign of The Dark Knight rooted new trend and records. 
  • The campaign diverted from regular promotional campaign by starting a viral social media movement with movie’s tagline “why so serious”. The online game was based on the movie and many interesting application available at the site brought all the required limelight to the movie. These applications required and succeeded as well in getting tremendous amount of social media user. The game was shared at all the established social media sites and became an instant favorite with the social media junkies. 
  • The successful social media campaign is deemed to be the major cause of film’s success. This campaign is also listed among Forbes list of most successful media campaign ever. 

Whopper “Sacrifice”:


  • Whopper sacrifice is an emblem of modern day paradoxes and materialism. 
  • Burger king developed their famous sacrifice application at facebook which posed the tricky question of your preference over money or relationship. The application asks you to “unfriend” ten friends to win one Burger King Burger. Money won over feelings and sentiments this time too as facebook users readily sacrificed their friends for burgers. 
  • The application became so popular that Facebook had to finally decide to take it down for the sake of pro
    tecting friends. But the social media campaign proved to be a huge hit claiming its name in Forbes best social media campaign ever and earning enormous popularity for Burger King.

Old spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”:

Source: Old Spice Channel on YouTube 

  • Old spice social media campaign has turned out to be the biggest hit of all time and fastest growing online video campaign. Old spice “The man your man could smell like” is a series of customized videos released on YouTube. 
  • The video gained popularity in first 24 hrs of its release but there was hell of a hard work involved behind the scenes. It was a well researched social media campaign which took into account all the social media platforms ranging from Facebook, twitter, Reddit etc.  
  • Old spice team rightfully opines “we just brought a character to life using the social channels” but they certainly have set new precedents in social media campaigns with 5.9 million views and 22,500 comments. It played a pivotal role in creating brand recognition and consumer brand bonding.  
  • The addition of reply series by the Old spice guy Isaiah Mustafa was also hilarious enough to set the stir on a continuous move for a good couple of days. 

Reading about all these 6 best of the best social media campaigns one can clearly smell the sense of creativity and social attachment required in any campaign done on social media. So, if you get, share it.