9 Ways to Build Online Relationships


The new shape for relation, far before engagement and buying act, is made of lots of few things, through our best social channels. And if yesterday gave no chance to these “contacts”, we may observe that the real process for buying or embracing a brand, starts far from the pure act of transaction. It seems there are invisible steps, that grow the whole traction for a brand, product or service.

These invisible steps are made of each point of contacts, engagement or communication desks, designed in any social platforms, fed by fans, followers or existing customers. Here’s the time of social relation management and we’d better be trained and aware.

Relation or experience, means there are two parts, with shared interests and no more than a “win-win” relation. But to build that kind of relation, there are few steps I recommend:

1: the “fan” or “follower” status is full of potential

A discovering and charming period, the birth of a future enhanced relation. Don’t miss the train to transform this first conversation.

2: the social effect

There was a time where sharing and sourcing information was complicated. Over. Your destiny as a brand is now the “one click” behaviour. Miss your coming means never coming in.

3: relation is not only transactional anymore

The global conversation is sometimes a long tail before engaging in financial relation. Play your heart and values before triggering your cash machine.

4: naked datas

A fan relation allows you to explore lots of profiling, sensibilities and interests, for free. At that step, attention is the only skill to perform to target sharp and close to the fan desires. If your fans/followers decide to go naked, why don’t you?

5: lean influences

No effort but leveraging influence, because you never whom you talk to. A smart conversation is sometimes a performing transformation way, moreover than advertising investment.

6: answer the question with the best experience

.Smart, Memorable and Sharp is the next SMS to an efficient digital footprint. Beyond the brand, make it unforgettable when the fan will buy experience more than the product/service itself.

7: freeness of intention

Where it’s free, uncovered relation, you have pure and simple moments. Get the essential from here, to build a strong trusty relation since the beginning.

8: one and only

A social relation is the more genuine one. A sharp, targeted and unique with any fan/follower. Because any fan’s investment needs the best from you. Consider, to be considered, be anyone’s one.

9: go to 1

If you’re a fan (and yes you are obviously are!), ask yourself when and how each brand you admire or consume engaged with you. Then you’ll find how much they deserve you, or not…

Laurent Blondeau tweets at @evidencesx.