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A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

We as a community manager wear so many hats during a day. Working hours are limited and we have to do our best to keep our fans/ followers engaged and glued to our community. We are good jugglers indeed!

Let’s have a sneak peak at what exactly a community manger goes through during 8-10 working hours

Ups and downs during the day: 

  • OMG I just posted this and it received 50+ comments and equal number of shares. What did I do?
  • When the next post goes up, it carries the hope from the previous hit post! But alas, every day is not Sunday.
  • Why do the contributors send me their posts last minute? I believe they have not read about the word planning.
  • It’s a utopian thought, but I wish I could get a glimpse of all the campaigns which are planned for the next month. My schedule would have looked so dynamic and vibrant.
  • Pictures- where are the pictures with the posts? Nobody likes to read the boring texts.
  • Half of my day is already gone and I have still not moved beyond one social platform.
  • Nothing interesting to share today…hmm let me post a motivational quote.
  • 100+ likes but no comments… I am not able to understand this.
  • Management says lets increase the fan/follower count by promoting our community via social ads. But do not cross the budget.
  • Facebook ads serves no purpose..focus only on LinkedIn.
  • And last but not the least, management is asking—where are the leads? Why they do not see any leads coming from social media?

Being a community manager and developing the community is not an easy task. Don’t lose heart even if there are long lull hours on the page. Find the reason.

Image created by Shikha via toondoo