Announcing Social Media Camp San Diego on 2/12/2011

Social Media Camp San Diego February 12, 2011We are excited to announce that Social Media Club is organizing a Social Media Camp in San Diego for Saturday February 12, 2011 together with our newly reformed San Diego chapter and hosted by Sony Electronics.  Social Media Camp is a one day education and networking event for the local community of social media professionals and those seeking to learn social media in a high energy, collaborative environment. The main focus of Social Media Camp is to provide a low cost opportunity for the unemployed and underemployed to learn core social media job skills that will help them find a new job, or get ahead in the job they have.

In fact, if you are unemployed and unable to afford the relatively small registration fee (all tickets are under $50 for the day and include lunch), you can request a special code to get in free by emailing  It's part of a broader initiative of Social Media Club that we think of as our job stimulus program.

Social Media Camp will include "Open Space" sessions that will be determined by participants on the day of the event in the spirit of BarCamp, but uniquely, will also feature a day-long series of pre-planned sessions teaching important social media skills on topics such as:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Job Search
  • Building a Digital Identity
  • Managing Reputation Online
  • The LinkedIn Profile / Resume
  • Privacy and Safety
  • Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing
  • Hosting your own Radio Program (podcasting)
  • Starting a Blog
  • Commenting about your Company
  • Finding your People / Community
  • Don't Just Search, FIND!
  • Better Crap Detection

Social Media Camp San Diego will feature sessions from local social media professionals such as Becky Carroll (local NBC news Social Media reporter and professor of Social Media at UCSD), educator Steve Eisenberg and internationally renowned experts who are in town for Online Marketing Summit and Social Media Masters that week. 

We are especially excited to announce that Social Media Camp will be hosted at Sony Electronic's magnificent LEED certified building on their campus in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood of North San Diego. Social Media Club has been working together with Sony Electronic's Social Media team over the last year hosting events in Silicon Valley and this is an extension of that growing relationship. Being able to work so closely with a large organization such as Sony Electronics demonstrates how far social media has truly come.

Social Media Club's founders, Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells, will be in town for Social Media Camp as they are also hosting the Social Media Masters workshop the day before this camp in connection with the Online Marketing Summit 2011 conference being held downtown at the Westin Gaslamp. If you are a business professional looking to leverage Social Media for marketing and want to get a more in-depth training from industry leaders, you may be interested in attending. (Use discount code SMC20 for a 20% discount on this marketing conference and workshop).

Social Media Camp Tickets / Registration

As we did with our prior Social Media Camp last year in San Francisco, we have a unique ticket pricing plan that benefits those who learn about this first. The first five tickets are only $5, the next 10 tickets are $10, the next 15 are $15 dollars, and so on. The tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. We have room for about 240 people at Sony Electronics. If you order online the most you will pay is $40. If there are any tickets left, you may be able to get a ticket for $50 at the door. If you are unemployed, please send us an email to and we will supply you with a special code to secure your ticket for free.

Get your tickets today on Eventbrite!


We need several more volunteers, not only for our Social Media Camp to help work the registration tables etc, but also for our local Social Media Club chapter, which is just now getting underway. In fact, we will be hosting an SMC San Diego Tweetup with the local chapter on Wednesday February 9 to just get together socially and meet each other. Now it seems we will also be finalizing plans for the camp too. If you would like to volunteer to help us run Social Media Camp, please send an email to

We also need local social media professionals to lead the Social Media Skills sessions listed above. If you are interested or able to donate your time and expertise to this worthy effort, please complete the application form and someone will be back to you within the next week. Of course, teachers and other volunteers will get in free.

As with all "Camps", everyone who comes is expected to contribute something, either in the form of a session offered or advice rendered. This event will be no exception. Thanks to Sony Electronic's gracious offer of hosting us and supporting this important effort, we will have three (3) other beautiful rooms with projectors in which to offer up presentations/conversations on topics of your choosing. So if you have expertise you want to share, a problem you want to discuss with the community, a new project which needs more resources or any other activity you think is appropriate for our community, register for Social Media Camp today and come prepared to lead a session yourself. 


In the BarCamp tradition, we are keeping sponsorship for Social Media Camp pretty simple.  For only $300, sponsors will get recognition here on the site, their logos and links on the site, named recognition in the printed program guide, three (3) registrations for the Camp and of course, the chance to be seen as a leading supporter of the local Social Media Club community. You can purchase this sponsorship on the Eventbrite registration page.

We are also looking for one 'premium' sponsor to cover the cost of lunch for $3,000 which will receive all the standard sponsor benefits plus the opportunity to speak for a few minutes during the morning presentation and special signage during lunch. For more details about the Lunch Sponsorship, please contact

About Social Media Club

Social Media Club is a Not for Profit Membership association (501c6) for the Social Media industry organized for the purpose of promoting media literacy, sharing knowledge, creating a path to professionalism, promoting industry standards and discussing important questions of Social Media's impact on society. As the world's largest association of Social Media professionals, Social Media Club has a global presence in 200+ cities and reaches in excess of 200,000 people around the globe.

Social Media Club's mantra is "If you get it, share it."  This one-day educational and networking event is a manifestation of this higher ideal.

Why Social Media Camp?

In all corners of the world, at every level of society and business, people are talking about social media and how its adoption by average everyday people and organization's large and small, is changing the world of work, and even the very nature of our daily lives.  In many corners of the HR world, the rising importance of the web, social networking and social media has seasoned professionals looking to acquire what they call 'new world skills'. New World in this case is a reference to the new world created when the web, and social media in particular, is an integral part of everyday living and working. To us, it's about being social though media, and it is completely natural. For many, it not only requires specific functional/technical skills, but also a new way of thinking… a new way of being.

Background / Event Description

Our first Social Media Camp was held in NYC in 2009 and last year it served as the kickoff event of Social Media Week in San Francisco in early February, 2010. There is another Social Media Camp being offered by Social Media Club in New York on February 9, 2011 hosted at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Social Media Camp is one part unconference / Barcamp and one part single track conference/workshop/training. It is an event where teachers are students, and everyone learns from each other. It is an opportunity for the local social media community to gather with one another, improve their professional skills and work to strengthen their networks and further their personal passions.

From the main stage we will offer a set of courses on these New World work skills, Social Media skills. Our intended audience is the unemployed and underemployed and we will provide them with the knowledge they need to better understand and use social media as part of their work and their everyday life. Topics like protecting your privacy, finding a job, establishing your digital identity, responsible participation on behalf of an employer, creating an online magazine or personal journal and how to spot potential fraud so others can't take advantage of us.