Announcing the 2012-2013 Social Media Club Board of Directors

We are pleased to introduce the new Social Media Club Board of Directors and Executive Committee for 2012/13.  The newly expanded Board has increased to 11 members and they are enthusiastic to continue with the progress from the past year. We received a healthy number of applicants applying for seats, and after much review and discussion, I am pleased to announce the new members for the coming year: 

* Returning members from the 2011/12 term. 

All of the members are active in the Social Media Club community and each brings a little something different to help the organization succeed on our goals around developing new programming opportunities to extend membership benefits, installing more structure to help the Local Chapters flourish, and additional ways we can bring this global community a little closer together. 

I wish to thank the previous board members who did not return this year: Kevin Urie, Jesus Hoyos and Kiki Mills for all your guidance and support, and I look forward to working closely with this new Board as we continue the work to make Social Media Club the place for professionals wanting to learn about social media.