Apply to Join the SMCEDU Advisory Board

As more universities engage with SMCEDU and bring social media education into their curriculum, it has become necessary to create a formal structure around our current effort to move it forward in earnest. We must build a team of dedicated educators and professionals to collaborate closely for the purpose of increasing awareness of the program, cultivating more institutional relationships, developing program materials and furthering our mission by sharing lessons learned by those on the leading edge of bringing social media education to more schools.

Today we are inviting educators and professionals to apply for a position on the official SMCEDU Advisory Board to help guide the program through the process of developing the strategic plan and securing grants to accomplish our mission. SMCEDU will be a special educational non-profit organization filing for a 501c3 status – organized and managed by Social Media Club, a 501c6 non-profit trade association of social media Professionals. We have just begun the process of incorporating and filing the official paper work to gain our non-profit status for SMCEDU, using funds collected from membership dues paid by Social Media Club professional and business members. Ultimately, we hope that several members of the advisory board will take positions on the official board of the 501c3.

SMCEDU needs three things right now:

1) Talented, innovative, and inspiring educators dedicated to bringing high quality social media curriculum to universities and others via the web, who can contribute two or more hours each month to the development of the program (see below for more details).

2) Funding from foundations or corporate donors to hire a team that will manage the program and provide support to the many institutions of higher learning looking to bring world class social media education to their students.

3) Professionals from Social Media Club to reach out to their local universities to help promote the program and bring more schools into the program to co-develop the materials and share them with others.

If you are able to contribute any support, or have insights to share about how to improve our efforts, please do contact us via

SMCEDU Advisory Board Details

The advisory board will host two monthly teleconferences to discuss matters of importance to furthering its mission. Advisory board members are required to participate in at least one of these calls each month. Further, we are requesting that advisory board members commit at least two additional hours each month in support of a specific project; in producing media on the blog that increases awareness of the program; or any other research/work as determined necessary for the program by the advisory board.

We would like the effort required of advisory board members to not be too burdensome, but we need a dedicated team if we are to be successful. Some members may put forth more effort then the minimum, which we would greatly appreciated. Some members may support a local Social Media Club chapter on campus. Some may even develop open courseware that other teachers may use. Any of these sorts of activities would be immensely helpful in moving our cause forward.

If you are interested in joining the advisory board, we ask that you complete the application form below. We will be reviewing candidates and announcing appointments of the 15 seats on the board on or before November 1, 2010.

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