Are You Getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S You Want from your Social Media Strategy?

There are no shortcuts to success.  

Success in life is always looking at the R.E.S.U.L.T.S. of your efforts and adapting and evolving as you continue to pursue your goals.  

Take a look and ask yourself “Are You Getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S You Want from Your social media Strategy.

Recommit to Continuous Learning.  Learning doesn’t end when you get out of University. To succeed you need to be continuously learning.  It is estimated that it will take close to a year to learn some of the social media tools you need as part of your marketing and business strategy. 

  • What social media tools do you need to learn first, second and third to attract and build relationships with your customers?
  • What is your daily time allotment to learn?
  • Who do you know who is using these tools successfully?
  • How will you share what you are learning?  

Engage and Expect success. Expectations shape reality. Confidence is not arrogance, it is your belief in what you are doing and knowing it will take persistence, energy, and enthusiasm on your part. You are not always going to succeed but if you start out with half hearted attempt you will get a half hearted result.  

  • How physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy are you? Do you take time in your day to take care of you?  
  • What words do you use to describe success? How does success look and feel for you?   

Understand that respect, credibility, trust, and knowledge is earned every day of your life. Reputation is everything. Don’t be an aging broadcaster who decided to go skinny dipping with several young starlets.  It’s not only a very unattractive image but it diminishes your character and people lose respect for what you do. Your professionalism extends to both your personal and business life.  There are no longer any dividers. Raise yourself above the level of mediocrity most people offer.  People want value.  Make sure they are getting it from you.

  • How are aware are you about people’s perception of you?  Have you Googled yourself lately?  
  • List three ways, and behaviors you can begin to incorporate on a daily basis to increase the level of respect, credibility, and trust of not only yourself but your customers.

Listen and Learn.  The title of Stephen Rappaport’s book Listen First says it all.  Not everyone’s comments are going to be flattering.  There are people who will never please so don’t bother, but if there is a problem, collaborate with your customers and fix it … no excuses.

  • How are you using Emotional Intelligence to better respond to your customers?
  • What steps do you use to see beyond the negative comments? 

Take strategic action. Strategic plans do not have to be painful. In her book “The Right-Brain Business Plan” Jennifer Lee suggests ways in which you can create strategic plan that visually inspires and motivates you to take action.  

  • How clear are you on your goals?  Dream big but stay in the real world.
  • In her book,30 Days to Social Media Success,” Gail Z. Martins R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Approach starts with “Recommit to Marketing.”  Do you understand the concept of marketing and how to you incorporate it into your strategic plan?
  • Are you creating a TEAM?  How much of your plan includes you initially, and collaborative partners?  
  • Are you having FUN?  If not, then why are you doing this?
  • In the end you have to take action. Creating a strategic plan doesn’t come without risks. There are so many ways in overcoming fear of taking that first step. In his at Stanford University commencement speech, Steve Jobs shared his thoughts on his mortality and what drove him to make the big choices in his life. The best way to do it is to take a deep breath, and repeat the title in Sir Richard Branson’s book, Screw it, Let’s Do it.”   

Stay Connected.  Connecting your network both locally and online takes work. In his book, Engage Brian Solis mentions “21 Rules of Engagement in Social Media.”

  • List three additional ways you stay connected with yourself and your goals, your family, your local environment, and your network. 
  • List two ways in which your customers can easily stay connected with you without forcing them to provide a lot of personal information? 

Above all … the best way in getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S. you want from your social media strategy is to tell your customers that “I’m becoming an expert on the subject I like most …. “Getting to Know You.” 



List two ways in which we can we can get to know one another within the Social Media Club?