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As a New Year Dawns…


A new year has dawned and the word “resolution” fills the air. People talk about exercising more, eating healthier, and securing dream jobs. I, like Jeannie, think how social media will play in my life.

1. Put the Social Back Into Social Media

I want to put the social back into social media. These past few months, I have been caught up in just posting content. I shared articles that I never read and retweeted posts from industry leaders that I only glanced at. This is not why social media was designed. I posted merely to post.

I want to improve myself by contributing content that will engage my friends, family members, and followers in a deep and enriching conversation. I want to put people and conversation first.

2. Be More Informed

I feel that social media has become a fast moving train that passes you by if you’re not paying attention. I am constantly loading my Twitter feed trying to keep up with all the how-tos, industry “best practices,” and latest tricks of the trade.

Over the past year, I realized that there is more to being informed than just checking my social media platforms. One can be more informed about the world’s happenings by simply reading a newspaper, watching the 5 o’clock news, taking a stroll through the streets of their city, and by listening to the conversations around them.

3. Help Others

Service has always been a big part of my life. I am a huge believer that social media can be used to bring about much good. Businesses can create campaigns to create awareness about a particular issue, and then raise money for it. As odd as it may sound, I want to use my social media expertise and know how, to help others. 

A millennial, I was born with Twitter in one hand and Facebook in the other. I want to seize opportunities as they arrive. I can teach earlier generations how to use HootSuite, Facebook, and Google+ as they would teach me how to show respect to others, be responsible for my actions, and the importance of working hard.

Please create your own social media resolutions.

I wish that all of us can put the social back into social media, be more informed about the world around us and not just our industries, and find the time to serve.

How can technology be used for good, and how do we inspire people to do so?

Ethan Parry is a public relations professional who is particularly passionate about social media and its impact on society. Tweet him at @ethanparry3.