#BizForum Chat Hosts Social Media Master Patrick O'Keefe

Social Media Club, in conjunction with Sensei Marketing, is providing you the opportunity to engage with some of our Social Media Masters in advance of our five city tour which include Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September 9th), New York City (September 23rd), Toronto (October 7th) and Kansas City (October 21st).  You can join #bizforum, a weekly Twitter debate that encourage its guests to debate pros and cons of trending business topics. Unlike other Twitter chats, this format is designed to really explore all sids of an issue; where everyone is asked to state if they agree or disagree with a statement and then provide their business experiences to back up their stated position. 

It’s among one of the fastest growing chats on Twitter and we’re pleased to announce that our Masters will be featured guests on upcoming debates.

Join our Community Building Master, Patrick O’Keefe on Wednesday July 27th, from 8 to 9 PM EDT through Tweetchat or your preferred Twitter client. Patrick is the founder of the iFroggy Network, a network of websites covering various interests. He has been managing online communities since 2000 and is the author of “Managing Online Forums,” a practical guide to managing online social spaces.

Patrick will be discussing, The Impact of Online Communities on a Business’ Future?

Sensei Marketing’s Sam Fiorella serves as the debate master. Feel free to reach out to Sam with any questions.

To learn more about Patrick O’Keefe and his Community Building session being presented at Social Media Masters events in Atlanta (Aug 26th), Los Angeles (September 9th) and Kansas City (October 21st) visit socialmediamasters.com.