Buying Social Media Services: Help Wanted

Social media is becoming a mainstream business expense however there are very few resources available to guide customers in how to purchase. Like any new industry, there is a wide range of options, a few so not ethical players in the mix, and overall, a very confused and stressed marketplace. After all, who likes buying when you feel pressured and don’t really understand what it is you need or want? Such is the state of social media sales.


The Honolulu Chapter is approaching this problem by conducting a global survey of social media practitioners, aka YOU, our peers here at Social Media Club. It seemed a natural place to start, by asking you how you sell, how you price, and how you have delivered the most bang for the buck for your clients. We will present the preliminary results at our July 20th meeting here in Honolulu (come on over! or join us via live stream). We plan to keep the survey live though at least through the end of July to capture a broad and deep a picture as possible.


We are also guessing that you would like to know what other are charging and how they are packaging their services. We want our marketplace to be fair, transparent, and above all mutually supportive of the clients and the consultants.


About The Survey:

The survey is short – it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.
The survey is completely anonymous – no embedded tracking tags.
It does log IP so you can only submit once.
It is designed for those actively engaged in delivering social media services.

Please take the survey and share this with your professional chapters; we would love it if you would re-post this on your email list and chapter blogs!


Here is a short URL you can use for Twitter: