Case Study: How IBM Does Social Business

There has been a lot of advanced conversation around the topic of ‘Social Business’ and it is gaining momentum because more large organizations are striving to put social at the core of their business. 

On Friday, September 23rd, Kat Mandelstein, who leads global marketing at IBM shared an excellent case study with Social Media Masters NYC attendees on how IBM has integrated social and the positive impacts.  Most importantly, Kat noted why IBM moved toward becoming a more social business. This shift in approach has allowed them to build brand advocates, listen to the market, connect inside and outside the organization, build communities and act small.  Kat also covered how social impacted each deparment including, HR, product development, marketing and the payoffs for each. 

We not only applaud IBM for remaining progressive but setting an example of a global brand who has moved toward a well integrated social business.  

You can visit Kat’s slides below and connect with her on Twitter.