Clubhouse News: Social Media Club Hits Austin

 Social Media Club will be hosting our sixth Clubhouse in Austin, TX where many of our members will be 

in attendence for ‘that’ big interactive conference. The Clubhouse provides a location to gather, connect with colleagues, create media and expand our knowledge of social media. If you would like to participate in Clubhouse activities*, please sign up for credentials


There are several evening activities involved too, but we can’t release details yet.  I can say “social shuttle,” and for those who attended last year, you know what I mean. For those who didn’t, check out the FlickR pictures from last year. 


We will be livestreaming on our UStream channel from the Clubhouse Friday, March 11th through Monday, March 14th, from 10AM-5PM.  If you are interested in participating in the programming or had a panel rejected by ‘that’ conference in Austin, sign up here and present your panel to the World


Want some more? Click here to follow all the buzz around the Clubhouse.  


* You do NOT need a SxSW Interactive badge to attend the Clubhouse activities, but access is limited and does require a Clubhouse pass. Sign up for credentials.





Social Media Club chapters from New York City, Long Island and North Jersey came together to plan the ultimate Social Media Camp NY, which was held February 9th at Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan. 


I highly encourage you to check out the videos from the morning sessions and afternoon sessions. 


“Social media Camp NY 2011 was filled with opportunities to learn, and many people took advantage of that.” via Howard Greenstein, President of Social Media Club New York City. 


The entire schedule of events was also highly tweeted on hashtag. #smcampny






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