Community Manager Appreciation Day

Every organization has ‘that one’. That one person who is always providing feedback and thinking about ways to improve your product, your service, your marketing, your internal processes. That one that invests the time needed (including weekends) to make sure people have the information they need, when they need it. That one that oversees and nurtures your community – whether that community consists of customers, partners, vendors or fellow employees – and they ensure voices are heard, problems are resolved, feedback is shared and that the collateral produced serves the needs of the community they serve. 

‘That one’ inside of Social Media Club is Jessica Murray, and she is our Community Manager.

Jessica manages the global community of Social Media Club, which consists of 1000s of volunteer Chapter Leaders in over 350 cities as well as much of our member base too. She helps them launch Chapters, offers advice on content and programming, promotes their activities, provides marketing and partnership ideas to expand awareness in their local area, and acts as a sounding board as most of us in this role know…managing communities, albeit extremely rewarding work, can also be very tough. It takes a calm person with a caring heart who also knows when to put their foot down to stamp out the silliness that sometimes occurs. 

Jessica does all this, plus oversees the Editorial Content for the Social Media Clubhouse blog and works closely with the 30+ writers contributing to that column. 

She runs the monthly Social Media Book Club webinars, which includes selecting the books and authors participating.

She manages the weekly newsletters keeping our members and Chapter Leaders up to date on all of our activities and initiatives. 

She attends events and acts as our brand evangelist to help Social Media Club raise awareness. 

She is my Godsend.

On this Community Manager Appreciation Day, I would like to give a big ‘thank you’ to Jessica for all she does for Social Media Club and our global community and will continue to find ways to show our appreciation every day of the year, not just this one. 

You rock lady, thank you!