Digital Readability: 3 Tips to Make Your Content More Reader Friendly

SMC-ImageSEO – Search Engine Optimization – is a popular word in the world of social media. It’s difficult to understand all the different strategies involved, but there is an often-overlooked part of SEO: humans.

It’s easy to forget that people are the ones who read and share your content, but by focusing on them you can get more views, likes, shares and retweets for content from your blog or website.

Here are three top strategies and how to implement:

1. Breakdown paragraphs

Long-form paragraphs have a place, but blogs and electronic media are rarely that place. Our short attention spans do not tolerate long, boring paragraphs. I am of the mind to get the information I want quickly so I can move on to more content.

Remedy: Use shorter paragraphs 2-3 sentences. This allows readers to consume the content much more quickly.

2. Use Bullets and Lists

Whenever I see a tweet or Facebook post that starts “6 Tips to …,” it almost doesn’t matter what the rest of the title is because I know I will be able to get the information quick without having to fumble through a full article of text.

Remedy: Make articles or blogs with lists a part of your content strategy. However, I wouldn’t suggest you try to make your blog or website the next BuzzFeed.

3. Keep an Eye on Word Count

This returns to my point on our short attention spans in the digital age. There is nothing more avoided by digital readers than extra-long articles or blogs. Long reads are for rainy Sunday afternoons, not blogs.

Remedy: Try to get your average word count between 300-400 words total, with the prior number being your goal. Don’t fret too much about going over, but don’t make it a habit either.

By following these tips you should be able to enhance your content and generate more views for your website or blog.