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Finding the ‘Perfect App’ for your Mobile Device

With the number of smartphones, androids, tablets and ipads being sold, it’s difficult to calculate an accurate number of Apps on the market, but you can bet that the number of Apps will increase with every mobile device purchased.   

Statistics show

The number of mobile devices will exceed the World’s population by 2012.  It is estimated that around March 12th 2012, the Apple App Store alone will hit the 25 billionth download in Apps.  That’s a lot of Apps.   

SMC:  “If You Get It, Share it”

It’s impossible to decide, with so many apps available, to find the best ones to use. Finding the ‘perfect app’ is all relative; so when in doubt, ask the people you know, starting with the Social Media Club.   Here are some suggestions from the members of the Social Media Club’s Editorial Team in response to the following question; “What two to four apps, and on what device, would you not do without?”   

1. Laurent Blondeau   

  •  Foursquare or Path 
  •  Pixelpipe as aggregator 
  •  Aroundme (locating anything!) 
  •  Flipboard for random news 

2. Vickie Bates uses these four Apps on her iPhone:

  •  Letris 2 a very addictive word game.
  •  Twitter
  •  Google Translate for her global friends
  •  Yowza for Mobile Coupons, her newest app that she learned from a Social Media Club LA panel discussion on mobile technology.  

3. Francine Hardaway 

  •  Echofon Pro for the 5 Twitter accounts I manage 
  •  Audible for the books I “read” in the gym and in the car 
  •  Starbucks mobile app that I use to pay with Evernote for reminders.

4. Yola Blake  

  •  Dropbox – For having docs at hand at all times 
  •  Evernote – For (taking) notes at all times 
  •  Instapaper or Everpaper (for Android) – Saving articles that appear in Twitter and G+ streams to read for later 
  •  Path – Crucial hub that syncs to everything
  •  Eventbrite app – Meetup management (especially for conferences, like SXSW) 

5.  Mike McClure 

  •  Evernote for my iPad, Blackberry, desktop and laptop.  It lets me makes notes, record audio, video, pictures and captures articles all in one place that I can access anywhere.  
  •  Skype on my iPad for bringing everyone together for business meetings.
  •  Presentation Link on the iPad to create presentations

6. Syed M Raza suggested this document “The Productivity Handbook: 7 Apps that Will Change the Way You Do Marketing,” co-written by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. 

A New Search Engine for Apps

This suggestion came from David Andradea Physics Teacher and Educational Technology Specialist in SW CT, a search engine for Apps for any device called Quixey.  All you have to do is answer the question, what do you want to do?  For example I put “create presentations ipad 2” and it came up with a list of Apps I might be curious to look into.

Where else can you go:

There are plenty of sites other than the Apple App store to download Apps but here is Mother Mireille’s warning … do be careful.  Not all Apps are coded properly, which, could be detrimental to your mobile device; so please download yours Apps from a trusted site.   Here are a couple of sites you might want to bookmark:

And Finally

If you can’t find anything, then Apple will teach you how to create an App Store App with this guide.  

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let’s continue the conversation, 

What is ONE App that our Editorial Team suggested that you’re going to try?    


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