Get Up Close and Personal With Our Social Media Masters

Our Social Media Masters event is just a mere 30 days away and we thought it was the perfect time to give you an up close and personal look at our four workshop leaders, hear an overview of the teachings during each workshop, and what you should know before arriving in San Diego for this event.

We have scheduled four BlogTalkRadio shows, and following their 30 minute discussion, we will open the lines up and each Social Media Master will be available to answer your questions before you decide which workshop best suits your needs.

Please note you can attend each BlogTalkRadio show by calling into (347) 308-8038. You can listen into the discussion, and once the Q&A session opens up, request your call to be 'answered', just like a normal radio show.

The Social Media Masters are scheduled as follows:

And once you decide which workshop you would like to attend, make sure you register using code SMC20 to save 20% off the list price