Google and American Express OPEN want your Stories … in Videos

Matthew Bavosa suggests in his blog post 101 Online Video Stats to Make Your Eyes Glaze Over “that the demand and opportunity for online video is staggering.”  With the increase of mobile devices such smart phones, iphones, ipads and tablets, videos have now entered into main stream viewing and everyone can get into the act. 

Here are six strategies for creating videos for greater exposure:

  1. State your objective.
    It takes less than 10 seconds for people to determine whether they want to view your video, give them a reason to watch.   
  2. Make it short.
    People don’t have a lot of time so look at 2 – 5 minutes in length.
  3. What’s your Call to Action? 
    What do you want people to do; sign up for your newsletter, learn a new tool, include a comment, or share a link.
  4. Don’t let technology get in the way.
    Use what you have.  Most phones and digital cameras now include a video component.  Learn it, use it.  You can always get better equipment later.
  5. Use keywords in your description, titles and tags to make your videos easy to find.  
  6. Have fun.
    You are going to hate the sound of your voice, and you are going to have a bad hair day, don’t worry about it.  People don’t care what you look like, they care about how you are going to make them feel, think and make them want to do after watching your video.   

The purpose of any video is to tell a story.  To make it easy for you to do so Google  and American Express OPEN is offering a free tool called My Business Story allowing entrepreneurs like yourself to create your own online video that you can easily edit from YouTube.  Submit your video by November 15th, 2011 and you may win $5,000 worth of digital marketing support and be featured on the YouTube homepage 

So …. what are you waiting for?  As mentioned in the video a lot of people are counting on you to show them what success, courage and passion look like.  Let it be YOU!

My Business Story: Build a Custom Video For Your Small Business



  1. Share your video with the Social Media Club hashtag #smcgooglevid.  Give us a chance to cheer you on.
  2. For those who don’t have a video or are not there yet, that’s okay; use the Social Media Club @socialmediaclub on Twitter and share a business, motivational or educational video that has made an impact in your business or your life.