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How to Survive, Live and Prosper in the Flow Society?

So, I have tried to outline some strands of conversations to try to understand “The Flow Society”. I hope by now you have gotten my main point.  

I don’t understand it! 

I do not have a “coherent theory” firmly rooted in any kind of “sociological meta-theory”, and transformed into a new one. I only believe one thing – this is a process of re-discovery, together, a co-discovery, and finding, just maybe some co-re-discoveries :). Core Discoveries!

To get back to basics, to what was, and get it to now. I have introduced my preliminary clues to unfold the rest with. With? Yes, with you.

I ask for your help, the community of conversants that want to follow my Path of Joint Understanding. 

Where applied action, and primarily INTER-action is the key – to Act Together. 

Results oriented. 

Yes, with tangible results, not the least in firm resources all kinds in the other end. 

But when it comes to the “theorizing” of ‘The Flow Society’, I will collect all stuff written up until now, revisit, shuffle around and about, to knit a weave of that Raw Material of my SMC posting. To land as I feel now, in a singled out “Manifesto” of some kind – when the time is right, and all ends meet getting to one piece. 

Where is the hive of joint understanding for this? 

I already know a few spirits, seriously interested into getting this to the next level, so let’s get a critical mass, and pile our pieces of the jigzaw together, and see if we can Connect-the-Dots of what we have, wherever you are.

You are cordially invited to join the thread to make that weave – #TheFlowSociety!

So, that’s that – and, yes, “there is a site for that” – but not an app, at least not yet ;). 

That Community of Writhing-Together-The-Theory will grow elsewhere, and not here in my SMC article series, anymore. From now, grown through applied action, and the stories retold from that applied action, only empirical material is generated to fuel that theory building.

From Theory to Practice – in Applied (Inter)Action

Ok. “Applied (inter)action”, you wonder?  

Well first, before getting into next level of detail for that action – let me get it straight.  

I am here to summarize what I already have identified as the strongest potential core in finding the path of survival, living and prospering in this society in profound transition.  

In short, grasping the core spirit of the message –  

  • The authentic YOU in you, which you find.
  • The crucial WE which you have and keep. 
  • The core connections of US, which you form.

And with this, there, these and that gotten together – just getting from here, to done, in flow. 

All soundtracked by the beat, the harmony, the rhythm. Your music! Feeding your focus in a world overfilled with clutter, distractions and messy fuzziness – you need a move in serenity. 

Let me take that rap from the top. Say it again! 


Find your YouFlow 

Vision comes from action, action comes from vision. Let them go together. And finally, if you want, you will surely find your life vision, why you are here. And with that, an ignited passion, joy, endurance and patience to just go from vision, to goal – and finally knowing exactly what-to-do, in that Presence of the Now. Meditate and run. And let go, in all the modes in between. 

Know your WeFlow 

Communites you identify with and you experience platonic love of, when being around. Affinity rules, you know: We are family. And your family has a family, in turn also a part of an even greater family.  

The Family of Humanity.  

But there are communities of all kinds. Shared interests, the geekiness, the nerdiness, the narrowness of that deep doing of those some-things of you. Your expressions, which you do not care of what impressions you make – play for the play’s sake. 

Come Together in your UsFlow 

But there are those of strongest proximity. The Family, The Friends, The Teams – wherever they are and however they look! Together, we can make it done. 

With that said – 

These three Pillars Set, with solid fround, rooted within you and what’s important for and from you, and with who. Begin there, and end there! From birth to death. But, all in between? 

Getting from here and now. 

With Flow, to done. 

Yes, then, you are #FlowDone! And you can get a system for that! 

Hereby Introducing – The #FlowDoneSystem 

What I’ve found working, are systems and approaches to Get It Out – a practical, hands on supporting system, to structure just in the “right level”, all your Flow of Everydayness.  

A supporting structure – not a structure that “takes over” and “own you”, but a system that gives you a true sense of ”liberating you”.  

A system and a way to go along, that lifts you, empowers you, fills you with joy and a clear mind. With a core of your spirit as calm as a resting lake in the midst of a chaotic deep forest. In that clearing, looking up, stretching out your arms to embrace the sky – with a perfectly clear view of the sky and the sun.  


And what is good for it.  

Translated  into something practical. 

In short – what I have found and co-discovered, is a mix/remix/mashup I have baptized in an open brand.  

A sustainability innovation to keep your health, enforce your well-being, empower your creativity and set your productivity at the optimum level.

The #FlowDoneSystem. 

It helps you out in a naturally formed #FlowWork – either as an employed, running your own #FlowBiz. Alone, or together in that #FlowTeam. 

In Confluence. Flowing Together. 


I will introduce and present the flow done system, systemagically and with maximum clarity, in a separate article series, which will be introduced and “back-boned” on and through my recently reset and revamped “Personaly Community Hub” –  

Stay Tuned!  

But – you can always begin with reading the introductory summary of the principles, the core elements of the system and approach, the principal #FlowChart, and “What’s Next” in a dedicated article on my blog, here and now

But I really ask you – when you get that system working, for you, in your own setup, ultimately getting all the big challenges ahead separated into the chunks of the doable, with bursts of delivery: 

Can you focus and GET IT DONE – alone or together? 

Here it comes, even more specified – you heard me. The conscience question. 

Can you REALLY focus in FULL for 25
minutes IN A ROW?


I hear you ;). 

Now, truly. And authentically. 

I. Am. Here. To. Help.  

I have the tools and approaches on a sufficient level already, with that system.  

And, so do all who flow with music 🙂 ! 

Especially …we – who tell stories with and through music.  

We are a strange breed called “Disc-Jockeys”. And that has been a Core Passion for me, this year coming to 30 years in celebration. 

On its latest part of the third decade of DJing, the last part of that 29th year, I found – in a Blast of an Epiphany, “Just Like That” – the unification of this Core Passion with me, and one other Core Passion of finding a path towards a Sustainable World, an Open World, a World in Harmony – all systems GO! From Core Passion, to Core Purpose. That “How-of-the-Finding”, with its extended background story, will be told also, in separate Stories of Life. How it was found, and why I so firmly believe in this instant finding and connection of the dots. 

Let’s summarize – in your system and life, to prosper and enjoy the moment, naturally, just there: 

I have given you my last of this line of open concepts and brands: 

The #PomodoroMix! 

Feed Your Focus – Soundtrack Your Flow.  

Work-a-Music, with 25 minute mixes, four complimentary mixes, working in focus-boosted chunks, separated by five minutes of breaks.  

And after four Pomodoro Sessions with Headphones or Speakers, you have completed a Pomodoro Set, where you truly deserve a longer break, a micro-celebration. Maybe 15. Maybe 30. Maybe 60. Or maybe 90. Minutes. Of dance, food, drink, exercise or play with your dearest. Or a night’s rest. 

Or, if maybe in a dawn insomnia, getting kicked out of sleep instantly, with no chance to fall back to sleep, maybe just get that stuff out in a very early morning shift, with just you and your pen and white sheet of paper in company – gadget-less. And a piece of beat-less ambience of a soundscape – either from the whispering forest alone, some bird’s sing, the beat of your heart – or with headphones, human-created music of tranquility.  

In the fresh air, with only the dark sky above – and that thermos jug of tea to maybe keep you warm. In the flow of life, there is really not any nine to five. It is from now to then. 

But the music is there to keep you on track, to energize, to keep up that beat, to maintain and enforce your smile in your labour of love :).

OK, enough italics. I think you got my point :). 

With that, I rest my case. Let’s submit this article. 

At the end of the fourth Pomodoro Session of 25 minutes, the full article now got completed, this time soundtracked by two hours of bliss from one of my fav DJs and producers at the moment – I tell you who over at

Yes, I love that feeling. To get into the flow, and go from where I were, to the here of done. 

FlowWork. FlowBiz. And sometimes, hopefully also some FlowCash in the end for some new loops of Flow. 

But overall – a FlowLife! 

Vivere In Fluxum.

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