If you could pick one 1 person to follow on Twitter for 30 days, who would it be and why?

With millions of tweets coming at us every month, we posed this question, If you could follow only one person on Twitter for 30 days, who would it be and why?

Our community had some great responses and their favorites were people of influence, thought leadership and overall, people who share something of value with their followers.

Here is what the community said,

@socialmediaclub: @littlechick; family 1st

@socialmediaclub I'd follow @graywolf for the fun spin on seo while giving valuable knowledge.

@socialmediaclub I would follow @DRUNKHULK b/c he provides such a good synopsis of current events in his own way.

@socialmediaclub @gripnostril Major Boss potential. Meeting tmrw!

@socialmediaclub And @ginaruiz 's tunes are not half bad either… trying to recruit her to be #latism's official DJ ๐Ÿ™‚

@socialmediaclub I would follow @HuffingtonPost. They cover many topics and sprinkle in messages from their other Twitter accounts.

@socialmediaclub @NibbyP He's not only my tweet heart-Great posts about tech, life, athletics & God What else do I need?

Prob @kanyewest. Most original content. 

@socialmediaclub Buddha, because he seems to understand the power of 140 characters of less

@TheRustedChain cuz she makes me laugh

@socialmediaclub @ergeekgoddess because she rocks the #latism house

Oh, oh and my *favorite* – Oh. Go. On!
@socialmediaclub I guess would follow @socialmediaclub since you are a hub rather than a spoke


For those that didn't respond before, I pose the question to you.  If you could only follow one person on Twitter for 30 days, who would it be and why?