You are currently viewing EVENT: Join Best Selling Author Shel Israel at the SMC San Francisco General Assembly

EVENT: Join Best Selling Author Shel Israel at the SMC San Francisco General Assembly


Join Social Media Club San Francisco on March 10 at General Assembly  for a lively discussion about technology’s impact on business and life with local best-selling author Shel Israel. In addition to writing six books on the topic, Israel contributes to publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, and BusinessWeek. He has been a keynote speaker more than 100 times, appearing on “all continents not covered by ice.”

Two previous works, Naked Conversations and Age of Context–co-authored with Robert Scoble–were acclaimed best sellers. Lethal Generosity, his most recent book about contextual technology’s impact on retail, enjoys a full five-star ranking in reader reviews on Amazon.

Israel is now writing yet another book with Scoble. Beyond Mobile explores five technology forces: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Autonomous cars, robots, digital genies and other freaky stuff. It is scheduled for publication in November 2016.

Israel began his career as a journalist back in the days of manual typewriters and carbon paper, back when daily publication was fast enough and when distribution meant tossing rolled up newspapers onto doorsteps.

Hating the vows of poverty associated with being a writer, Israel pursued a brief career in taxi driving. Perhaps anticipating the advent of Uber, he started a new career in technology PR in 1979, founding his own agency in 1986.

In 2001, like so many people, he discovered that life can become unexpectedly short. He sold his agency to employees and returned to writing and eventually speaking.

He is now a recovering publicist and understands that he was never in control.

People who register before March 1st will receive a complimentary copy of Lethal Generosity.

In Israel’s latest book, discusses how contextual forces are converging with humans in the form of millennials, the first generation of digital natives. Lethal Generosity examines them as customers, employees and competitors and advices companies run by older cultures on how to adapt to this significant marketplace change.

The result of all this is that power has shifted from sellers and brand efforts to buyers who use social media to influence each other. Companies who ignore this shift do so at their peril. Companies who do adjust will flourish, the author argues.

Just what should brands and merchants do: Israel prescribes a policy of Lethal Generosity. By being kind to your customers at every touch point you will prevent any customer attempts to hijack them through traditional marketing.

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We hope to see you there!