Join Social Media Club Editorial Team

It’s been almost a year since we launched our SMC Editorial Team, which has been a great resource for our community members.   

We’ve received a lot of inquiries from members across the globe interested in joining our editorial team, which is currently 30+ contributors strong and represents chapters from Sweden, India, The Netherlands, United States and France.  We know this doesn’t encompass our entire community so we’re looking to expand the team even further and want contributors who can focus on different verticals with backgrounds from startup to enterprise levels and SMB’s to entrepreneurs. 

We’re constantly building out our editorial team including a small expansion back in September which hosts guest bloggers in different verticals to highlight how industries are using social during the first week of each month.  Past months have included social causes/nonprofits, healthcare and in November we’ll be hearing from professional sports organizations including, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Indians and more! 

Interested in applying to be an editorial contributor?


  • Commit to submitting one post per month.
  • Topics must be relevant to social media and technology, with a focus on education. 
  • Keep the group editorial calendar and topic document updated with your contributions.
  • Adhere to Social Media Club Professional Code of Ethics and Editorial Guidelines (see below).


  • Increased visibility across our member network of 300,000+, with over 300 chapters in 50+ countries. 
  • Promotion of your editorial contributions across our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS channels. 
  • Annual Professional membership after contributor has submitted six blogs ($100 value), will be renewed based on committment of each contributor. If you are already a Professional member, we will extend your renewal by one year. 
  • Share your knowledge with our network, SMC has been around for five years and one of the major keys to our success is our community trusts us. We are not self-promotional and want folks who can share best practices and their insight with our members. 

We will be selecting applicants based on professional background and area of focus so our contributors are a reflection of our diverse community. Please complete this application and we’ll be in touch soon.


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