Le Web 2010 Wrap Up from Social Media Clubhouse 5

As promised Social Media Clubhouse 5, in collaboration with af83media and ReadWriteWeb France have shared nearly 30 panel and one-on-one interviews from leading industry experts in social media, technology, mobile, startups and entrepreneurship. With so much content, we wanted to highlight some of the main takeaways from Social Media Clubhouse 5: Innovative Global Village hosted at Le Web 2010, Paris, France. If you're hungry for more there are more than 8 hours of footage that you can find at Social Media Clubhouse

There were many excellent interviews and panel discussion around the future of mobile, localization, social media but these are a some of the meatier discussions. 

Web Semantics  in Web 2.0

Peter Crosby (Viadeo) , Andraz Tori (invZemanta) and François-Yves Vuillemin (Imaginatio). Solid discussion around what we can anticipate with the innovation of sites becoming more intuitive based on our preferences.



Product Localization

Our panel discusses product localization with Frederic Bascuñana (Webcastory), Roxanne Varza (TechCrunch France), Frederic Lardinois (Readwriteweb US), Joakim Nilsson (Mangas Gaming) and Olivier Desmoulin (Super Marmite). One of the themes throughout the discussion is whether or not startups should appeal to the International audience by marketing & offering translations of their site to the global market or should they lessen their risk by appealing to their local markets first & then expand?

SMC Lounge – Localization and MeeToo
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The future of large brands

Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter shares with us his predictions on what we may expect in web trends through 2011, including large brands integrating Facebook connect API into their corporate sites.

Interview Jeremiah Owyang (Altimeter)
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Online Activism 

Curt Hopkins (Readwriteweb US), Lucie Morillon (RSF), Stephane Distinguin (fondateur de Faber Novel).

Their conversation brings up some valid points on how governments which never before sought to control censorship online are now approaching with different attitudes when bloggers, twitter users criticize their decisions.

Most notably, Lucie points out the power that bloggers being able to leverage their global followership to bring awareness to their campaigns and how effective it has been to release people wrongly accused/convicted in foreign countries.

SMC Lounge – Online activism perspective
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2011 Tech Trends

Fabrice Epelboin of Read Write Web France moderated and lead panel discussions in Studio Two with Amina Belghit (Paypal), Ben Parr (Mashable), Paul Papadimitriou (Constellation Research) and Ida Rose Sylvester (Silicon Valley Link). Each panelist highlights what we may expect in 2011 within the mobile industry, including companies exploring ways to monetizing their mobile data, and carriers expanding mobile payment options through simply scanning mobile devices at point-of-sale locations

SMC Lounge – 2011 trends lll
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Based on these excellent discussions, we're already excited for Le Web 2011!