Let’s Strive for More Global Adoption before Renaming ‘Social Media'

I’ll start with saying, I think there’s a memo I didn’t receive the last few months.  Seems there are some within our industry who feel the need to rename ‘Social Media.’

Although I understand this is a constantly evolving industry, why the big push? 

Whether you choose to call it social business, social marketing, human marketing, human business (oohh…awww…pretty titles) at their core, they seek to accomplish the same end result, socializing products or services through various types of media.  

As I stated before, I’m not absent to the fact that this is an evolving industry so over the course of its evolution, terminology must change to help establish standards, and build awareness.


Build & Grow Awareness

Consider this, The top 20 countries (see graph below) account for 76% of all Facebook users.  



via Amodiovalerio Verde

The above map of users by continent, notice all the conversations about renaming ‘Social Media’ are happening where there is wider acceptance of social media but we’re not considering what ‘Social Media’ means to those outside the United States.

I say this from the perspective of a Community Manager for Social Media Club, where we’ve sustained some of our biggest growth over the last 8 months across our International chapters.  I’ve discovered the conversations, exploration and education around social media are only just occurring for people domestically and abroad.

Not to mention the number of brands who have only begun to adopt social strategies in the last year, which shows much of the marketplace is slow to change. 

Don’t forget social media is also about adopting a new way of thinking and new approaches aren’t learned overnight.  This mindset is slowly being learned and hasn’t seeped into every department within organizations.  

Some people and brands remain skeptical of social media, which means social media professionals and champions still have a long road ahead of them to advocate these new skills.

If we’re just gaining momentum and many are becoming comfortable with the term ‘Social Media’ and all it encompasses, seems hardly the right time to rename it.


Frankly we’re tired of “Social Media.” At this point, that term has lost all real meaning and importance.


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Who is we? The digital marketing folks who do this day-in and day-out? Is it necessary to rename to sexier title just because *we’re* tired of it?  

Now is the time for the real Professionals in our industry to help promote literacy in all things involving social media, not to walk away from it when it’s finally gaining traction.

SMC Founder, Chris Heuer, has some additional thoughts on this, where he ellaborates on the difference between Social Business and Social Media