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2015 Letter From Global Board of Directors!

Happy New Year!

Our big transition in 2014

A lot happened this past year. The biggest change at Social Media Club was when our board of directors took over operations in 2014. This was the first step in our transition from the small business owner model that launched SMC back in 2006 to the large association model of elected officials and executive staff that will keep us running worldwide for many years to come. Moving to a board of directors with executive staff allowed us to look at the big picture outside of the US. We made sure to include board members that represented our international chapters.

Website renovations in 2015 will enhance member benefits and save chapters time and money

One of the big changes we’re going to make in 2015 is to update our website. This update will help us provide more member and chapter benefits. For members, we will feature extensive social media education opportunities, extended Member profiles, partner promotions, special deals and much more. For chapters, the renovations will feature multi-site integration, so we can include hundreds of chapter websites on our global site. We will provide new chapters (and current chapters that are interested) with a site template to help them save on the costs and the time of hosting and designing a website. We have just signed up an awesome website development company to build our new site and are all very excited about sharing our new site when finished!

Chapter leader resources will continue to grow

Join our Google Hangouts! We’re looking to showcase clubs to share some of their membership insight. If you’d like to co-host a show, please send us an email:

The monthly events feature short presentations and panels from our top members and chapter leaders on SMC chapter management and personal professional development topics. There will be time at the end to ask your questions to SMC committee and board members.

We are excited to be expanding on our primary mission of sharing best practices of digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices to holistically evolve with the ever changing world of social media. We will be bringing together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, citizen journalists, teachers, students, toolmakers, and other like minded collaborators at an entirely new level. Join us as we communicate our thoughts and ideas across the world and let’s shape the future together!

2015 well wishes from the board

“As social media marketing matures, we look forward to being the leading source of best practices that members look to truly deliver for brands this year. Just as our operations are expanding around the world, we are always looking for qualified individuals to lead these operations. We are looking to expand our Global Board and Committees substantially this year. All members are eligible and you can submit your letter of interest here. Looking forward to working alongside many of you while we take SMC to the next level!”  ~ Golden Ashby, SMC President

“We hope 2015 can be a milestone year! We’re going to solidify member benefits, ramp up membership communications, and provide as much support as we can to our awesome chapters. I’m looking forward to working with you all. And a shout out to all of my awesome SMCKCers (Kansas City chapter)!” ~ Sarah Eggers, SMC Secretary

“2015 is the year of change. Past is the year of monitoring and responding to social media; this year, we’ll need to be predicting who to proactively talk with in order to truly get what we want out of the platforms that we use. Social Media Club is your solid backbone to keep you abreast of all the news that impacts your industry. We’ll help you think outside of the box, giving you the edge that you need in this constantly evolving and exciting experiment we call social media.”  ~ Naomi Assaraf, SMC Sponsorship Director

This year promises to be one of unprecedented international growth and innovation at Social Media Club, but also — and possibly for the first time in our history — a year of making global connections between our members, a year of bridging the gap between the continents. The only question is: Will you be a part of it? If you get it, my friends, share it. Cheers.” ~ Ronnie Ledesma, SMC Chapter Management Director

“Social and digital media continues to be a fast-moving industry and I’m looking forward to a fantastic year of growth with SMC International. I’ve valued my membership of SMC  throughout the years because it’s been a great way to connect with people around the world. I’ve meet some fantastic people, many of whom I’ve had a chance to work with over the years. I look forward to helping our members connect with one another more throughout the upcoming year.” ~ Tara Coomans, SMC Membership Director

“The time has come. When I co-founded the SMC Editorial Team back in 2010, and then became the first member of the Board of Directors outside the US/Americas in 2012, I set out to leverage the bottom line of my writing – where I view the Internet to be the greatest force of Peace the world has seen so far. In this spirit, and in a joint learning process, we welcome contributions to co-create collective and crowdsourced Wisdom of all things Social; Software, Media and Web. We are looking forward to get – and share! – powerful storytelling from all over the SMC Global Community and the World! 2015 is the year!” ~ Anders Abrahamsson, SMC Web Editor

“Social Media Club 2015? It is going to be epic! Over the last 12 months, your SMC board has worked tirelessly to update not only our website, but our communications program, our offerings and our overall board. We have globalized unlike ever before and look forward to sharing our growing database of ever evolving social media best practices.” ~ Serena Ehrlich, SMC Membership Director

“Social Media Club’s continuous strategic partnership with the Social Media leaders around the world further reiterates the importance of their roles in the communities. We have partnered with the hundreds of Social Media leaders & launched SMC Chapters globally. We are eager to support and encourage all initiatives aimed at increasing interaction through social networks globally. This will surely reflect positively on the development of the social media communities.

Our partnership has played an integral part in the growth of the Social Media communities and has enabled the Club to achieve its goal of enhancing and promoting the use of social media globally.” ~ Ali A. Sabkar, SMC Chapter Management Director

“A year full of continued disruption and change, I’m looking forward to helping set Social Media Club apart as a leading voice among digital and marketing professionals. ” ~ Kriselle Laran, SMC Website Operations and Development Director

“Social Media Club is an impressive example of what happens when smart, driven and organized people come together and donate their time to make something great.  Everyone involved has volunteered their time and energy outside of their normal occupations to help produce this organization.  I am excited to see SMC grow, because as it grows we all grow.  I can’t wait to see what we can do in 2015!” ~ Cynthia Johnson, SMC Editorial Director