Liz Albert (Ascendant) Shares Social Business Insights with Chris Heuer

Social Media Club had the pleasure of attending Le Web 2011 back in December, where our Founder and Chairman, Chris Heuer interviewed Liz Albert, Director of Marketing of Ascendant to discuss one of the hottest topics at Le Web, Social Business. 

Liz explains her company’s unique approach to helping their client’s figure out what path they should take towards becoming a Social Business. 

Liz shares one effective approach to getting more c-level executives to accept social is to highlight the communities that exist around their products or services. She goes on to suggest that allowing the one-on-one conversation with vendors, clients or customers also makes the conversation less formal, which Heuer says typically comes as second nature in the business community. 

One example Liz points to is IBM and their transition into a Social Business by empowering their already engaged employees. 

View the entire interview with Chris Heuer and Liz Albert,