Mobilizing Community – with Businesses, Brands, Media, Software and Web. All Social?


There is a conversation going on what is a “Social Business“. And how it relates to the concept of “Social Media“. It has been introduced / inspired by / instigated here as well, on this part of the World Wide Web called From the co-founder, chairman and professional member #1 Chris Heuer of Social Media Club Global, also the Specialist Leader on the same topic in Deloitte. But most of all – a Human. And that’s one of the most important answers to why I love him. Being so Human. And he could not be more in need of love right now. I have linked to his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles above. Now see what he shared on Facebook 17 hours ago at the moment of writing this posting. My best of well-wishes for a thorough recovery, dear Chris! And then I mean thorough! Period.
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View the cache from his blog and his note on “Socialized Healthcare in Sweden. A Story and some Comparisons,” naked, with no CSS active what-so-ever – as naked as the story in itself – and go figure what I feel right now.

Yes, Chris is a thought leader.

If we turn to a broadcaster (NOT a celebrity in Klout-o-Sphere, both with and without my surprise!) – and a Nobel Peace Prize Winner alike, Muhammad Yunus, we conclude that his perception of Social Business is something totally different, than e. g. a newly formed consultancy group or IBM is. You can also compare these to another consultancy group or another business conglomerate. I could count to thousands of links of dignified significance to the YunuSphere #SocBiz, and I could count to a meagre handful right now in comparison from the “social media”-emerging conversation as well, like this. But – I am NOT imposing a Semantic Google Fight here!

I am suggesting to hit the Pause Button, and let the stillness of meditative reflection lead us into a conversation, with a hypothetical transcendence of business into the 3.0 and beyond, being the Best for the Humans and the Planet, can be.

Social Business – Conceptual Conflict, just Confusion or the Best of Confluence?

In a way expressed, now, using Urban Dictionary to translate if you want – WTF is Social Business? And what is Social Media? Social Web? Social Software? Social Brand? Social Whateverness?

Expressed in less hard words, deeper in general meaning – For Heavens Sake – What is Social?

Yes. What we deal with in the concept of “social”, is a Very Fuzzy Concept. Especially when brought together with Social [Something]. You could always have some fun in search for meaning, contrasting the same Social [Something] with the Asocial [Same phenomenon] ;). Still, vague and ambiguous, it is.

Thus, stride with awareness and observation, and reflect upon your steps when walking. Both before, during and after.

Yes, I hear an echo from all those impatient do-gooders, who are not taking their time to deeply reflect in order to guide your deeds in the best of ways – “ah, forget about the concepts and words – the wordsmiths just talk – let’s focus on the results and the doing”. No blame at all, do-gooders who want to do good, mostly do good because they intend to! No question about that! But we need us all to do our very best. Together. In the Flow. And interaction in conjunction with reflection can truly change the world!

With this, approaching an end my commentary today;

Nota Bene – I view Words as Deeds, as much as any thought or action that leads to an output from the throughput with a potential – and s
ometimes even factual 🙂 –
result. If so, today, for you, just for this moment, only to stop and think, and maybe smell some spring flowers at the same time? Then, I have accomplished something of value. Success or not, that is a value in itself!

Using Business as a Means to Mobilize Communities – Must Be Social “For Real”?

I want to relate all this talk of “business organizing in relation to humans alone and together” to my ongoing conversation on what you can do with a community in last month’s posting. I concluded, for myself at least, in the first article in this series, that you cannot manage a community – how hard you even try.

You can also turn your face to Google and get a lot in return in search for fresh goods, creating the food for thought, and dealing with the social aspects of business organizing through the search term “business in the community“.

So let’s put the threads of conversation together, in the first attempts to weave a little corner of a mat here – in an intermediary landing paragraph to create a supporting structure for the convo flows ahead.

Social Business in the Community – Both in Process and Purpose?

My firm conviction is that you have to be totally aware of the communities you influence and deal with, and respect them fully, with your deeds in the name of your business (one brand or more). And thus, your business has to be social – not asocial! Both in the means, and in the end. Here, exactly here, I see a common denominator, a crossroads, a conjunction, in the Social Business now-introduced-working-definition-from-Chris [1] and what is meant by Yunus et al [2], and a point of departure for something earth-shattering. Seismic in its potential of a  paradigmatic shift. For real. Not just another buzzword from the “scientific” lingo to be hijacked from the business community to sound fancy. And then, the synergy – once again, for real, no fuzz, no buzz – in between a the two strands of conversation on what is meant by a “social business” from the YunuSphere!

Beginning to an end. And an end to a beginning, for the next level of understanding and application.

To be continued, by me.

And by you?

If you take part of this conversation, I have a hunch we also lift some burden off Chris’s shoulders and some stress from his stomach, and thus contribute to his recovery. A reason as good as anyone, don’t you think?

/Ending this posting with a personal virtual HUG, Chris!/

What’s next? Stay in tune! And feel the beat :).

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Notes [1] and [2] – some words of “Social Business”

[1] Chris:

“/…Social Software / Media Definitions omitted…/ Social Business – (encompassing both together, or addressing either alone from a strategic perspective). Social Media and Social Software leveraged in support of the broader needs of the organization, either together in an all encompassing strategy where both are integrated and optimized holistically, or separately when either is used in support of an organizational outcome. Social Business has increasingly become the more broadly used term referencing the strategies and tactics an organization uses to adapt to, and benefit from, a market that has been transformed by Social Media.”


Social Business introduces a totally revolutionary dimension to the free market economy. It does not interfere with the mechanism through which the normal Profit Making Business (PMB) works and prospers – capitalization, expert business management, competitiveness etc. – but investors here do not receive any dividend, though they can recover their investment if they want to, to reinvest in other Social Business or PMB. The satisfaction gained in achieving the social goals are the only motive behind the investment, and the business will be evaluated according to that standard. Essentially it is a non-loss, non-dividend business aimed at social objectives – education, health, environment, whatever is needed to address the problems faced by society. The profits here remain with the business and help it to grow further. The whole thing is based on the premise that entrepreneurs need not be motivated only by the profits they personally receive, but can also be motivated by social goals and may enjoy success there with equal satisfaction. The important thing is not to mix up a Social Business with a PMB. In fact the inclusion of Social Businesses alongside PMBs in the business world will give the free market capitalism a larger, nobler and a more fulfilling purpose. Its advantages over straightforward charity are many–efficiencies, continuous use with each turnover, competition with PMBs following the same rules, utilization of business innovations being some of the most important ones.”