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New Google+ Notifications Improve Engagement

Google+ has made engagement with others just a bit easier.

It used to be that if you wanted to read or respond to something on Google+, you had to log in to do so. 

But early this month, Google+ added some new functionality – reading comments, responding to threads and adding +1s – to Gmail notification emails.

Users now can control and manage engagement with others without leaving their inbox. 

Google software engineer Zohair Hyder said in the Official Gmail Blog that users also can reply to notifications from your mobile device (and/or POP or IMAP client). 

“Just open the notification email about the post you’re interested in, and look for the new prompt, ‘Reply to this email.’ Tap reply, send your comment, and we’ll automatically add it to the ongoing Google+ conversation,” Hyder said. “Even if you don’t use Gmail, you can still reply-by-email from many different services.”

Hyder said the company is always working to create a simpler, more intuitive experience for users.

“We’re excited to take another step in this important direction,” he said.

Christine Cube is a media relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. You can follow her @cpcube.

Image Credit: Google+