Official Chapter Program: Conference Call Notes from August 11, 2010

On August 11th, Social Media Club Founders – Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells – hosted a conference call to answer questions around the newly launched Official Chapter Program and discuss the overall vision and strategy for Social Media Club going forward.

The conference call is just under 58 minutes and you can listen to it by cliking here

Some of the highlights:

  1. The 501c6 Non-Profit application has been filed with the IRS and we are awaiting word on our approved status.
  2. Chris and Kristie are working to turn Social Media Club into a member owned organization and will be opening the Board of Directors up to 11 positions in 2011 and voting will take place at the Social Media University event on November 10, 2010 in Orlando, FL. 
  3. The launch of the Official Chapter Program was needed so that we may establish guidelines for voting on Board of Directors in local chapters, sponsorships, education and more.
  4. All Chapters are currently designated as Open Community Chapters. However, we need every chapter team lead to complete the Official Chapter Application so we have updated information on your group. 
  5. Chapters who have 10 or more Professional members, and have submitted their application that was approved, will be designated as Official Chapters and receive additional benefits as laid out in the post referenced above (set up bank accounts, handle accounting, sponsorship opportunities, better reporting, etc). 
  6. Social Media Club is working on setting up reporting within the new website to give chapter leaders better visibility into their member base.
  7. Chapters who do not have 10 ore more Professional members will remain Open Community Chapters for now so there is nothing for you to do, except to fill out the application.
  8. Chapters do not have to promote the membership drive, but as it is are primary source of revenue – we appreciate the the assistance. Monies will be used for staff (Executive Director, Editorial Staff, Membership Director, etc), website improvements,, launch of educational programs like #smcedu and more.

Take a listen. Lots of good projects in the works.