Our 2011 Milestones and a Look Ahead

As we’re closing the books on 2011, we wanted to share with you a few of our 2011 milestones and what we’re most looking forward to in 2012.       

2011 Milestones

  • Celebrated our 5th Anniversary at our first chapter in San Francisco with a few of our very first supporters including, Sally Falkow, Tom Foremski, Tom Abate and Seth Mazow.
  • Released our Professional Code of Ethics, in an effort to progress the industry standards.
  • Launched our Social Media Book Club, along with monthly member-only webinars with featured authors.
  • Hosted our Social Media Masters conference with the help of our event partner Sensei Marketing. 
  • Grew from 180 chapters in 2010 to now more than 320 chapters across 52 countries. 
  • Launched our weekly chapter highlights with the help of Susan Breidenbach, visit her profile to see all the weekly chapter highlights. 

A Look Ahead

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZlgUnvt8rw&w=560&h=315]

As mentioned in the video above, Social Media Club would like to give a special ‘thanks’ our original 66 Co-Founders, the people who paid a ‘premium’ membership before June 2008 to help the organization get up and running, and in return, received a special designation of Co-Founder of Social Media Club. They not only supported us financially in the critical early stages, many helped by starting local chapters in their respective cities and provided thought leadership and feedback on our missions that helped shape the organization to be what it is today. These 66 folks are truly pioneers in social media, and have made a serious contribution to the community at large.
  • Laura Sturaitis (Business Wire) 
  • Todd Defren (Shift Communications) 

  • Christopher Bravacos (The Bravo Group)
  • Chuck Hester (iContact)
  • Connie Reece (Every Dot Connects) 
  • Eric Schwartzman (Schwartzman & Associates)
  • Janet Fouts (Tatu Digital Media) 
  • Jesse Engle (CoTweet)
  • Jim Turner (One By One Media)
  • Laurence Koret (Starlight Media) 
  • Lee Odden (Top Rank Results)
  • Mike Manuel (Voce Communications)
  • Mike Stuart (Sophic Group)
  • Patrick Sellers (We Earth)
  • Richard Nacht (Respond Media)
  • Robert Troia (Affinitive) 
  • Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson (Barefeet Studios)
  • Sanjay Sabnani (CrowdGather)


  • Alex Williams
  • Alex de Carvalho
  • Andrea Weckerle
  • Brenda Thompson
  • Brian Solis
  • Conrad (Frank) Hametner
  • Cynthia Baker
  • Daniel Goldman
  • David Meerman Scott
  • Debbie Weil
  • Eric Ward
  • Francine Hardaway
  • Fred Siebert
  • Howard Greenstein
  • Jackie Danicki
  • Jackie Peters
  • Jeffrey Keefer
  • Jen McClure
  • John Husband
  • Jon Gatrell
  • Josh Hallett
  • Larry Aronson
  • Larry Hall
  • Les Blatt
  • Meredith Smith
  • Michael Sansone
  • Mitch Ratcliffe
  • Nick Givotovsky
  • Patrick Reilly
  • Paul Vogelzang
  • Randy Stewart
  • Ronna Porter
  • Scott Schablow
  • Sean Bohan
  • Serena Ehrlich
  • Stephen Collins
  • Steve Banfield
  • Steve Eisenberg
  • Steven Vitka
  • Stewart Pratt
  • Tim Bonnemann
  • Timothy Marklein
  • Todd Van Hoosear
  • Tom Hayes


  • Jon Ford
  • Mike Prasad
  • Sarah Dopp
  • Tina Lang-Stuart
Thank you, one and all. We are grateful to have received so much support for this organization over the past five and a half years. With nearly 1200 paying members and the help of 1000s of volunteers around the world, Social Media Club will continue to gain momentum and serve the greater needs of the industry, while sharing our lessons learned along the way.    
How you can help going forward? Become a member. 

If you have received any benefit from the events we have organized over the past five+ years, please join as a Professional member todaySocial Media Club is dedicated to helping professionals in many diverse fields, from Marketing and PR to Designers, Web Developers, Journalists and Technologists – and those boundary spanners who fit many of these categories at once – to learn from each other, share their emerging techniques and expand each other’s capacity to contribute back to the community. The conversations in which we participated with the various Social Media Club Chapters in different cities have shared one common attribute – the participation of highly intelligent people asking great questions and talking openly about what they know for the benefit of all those in the room, and all those in the larger community. If that kind of intelligent inquiry and dialogue sound appealing, consider joining us now and contribute your perspective in this crucial phase of our development. Thank you.