Our Newest Social Media Club Editorial Team Members

In early December 2010, Social Media Club launched our Social Media Club Editorial Team.  With more than three months accomplished, we are very proud of our members and want to thank them for being so dedicated to Social Media Club and our global missions. 

Our team is made up of Entrepreneurs, Developers, Small Business Owners, an Attorney, Public Relations/Marketing Professionals, Journalists and Students.  You can follow our writers as they serve up valuable educational content, in the way of interviews, how-to’s and case studies.  

Meet our newest SMC Editorial Team Members: 


Nick Gundry is a thinker. He is a big picture, no-holds-barred kind of guy. His claim to fame is taking brainstorming to a whole new level. Need a branding campaign? How about tattooing whales? In all seriousness, Nick has knack for helping clients understand the power of social media and the elements that work to realize that potential. He is as comfortable talking about design as he is programming languages and is always aware of keeping the goals in view. Nick is a co-founder of postEchoSmartagious and Social Media Club Fresno. He has over 13 years experience marketing and collaborating on new ideas. 

Lisa Alvey is a 16 year marketing professional, specializing in social media. Lisa has seemingly limitless energy and an unbridled passion for life which is reflected in her work. Lisa loves to share, and as an expert speaker and panel moderator she is in frequent demand for speaking engagements. Lisa is a natural marketer. She understands people, she knows how to communicate messages that move them into action. Some people call this manipulation, she calls it easy. She is also a co-founder of postEcho and Social Media Club, Fresno. Lisa is a happily married wife of 21 years and mom to three incredible kids.


Larissa Fair has served as chair of Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC) for four years, and her involvement has increased their member participation for the local chapter by 75%. She now oversees a leadership team of 9 others, and is very plugged in to the technology, marketing/PR, social media, and start-up communities of the DC metro area. In fact, she was recently interviewed by the Washington Post for a profile of young women in social media and technology (link: http://bit.ly/J50dp).


Nicolas Marronnier is currently COO of the french chapter of Social Media Club in Paris.  After a Bachelor in Economics, he integrated the Communication & Media Studies Master at CELSA (Paris IV – Sorbonne).

He is interested in transformations of “traditional” media and seeks to understand the specifics of the “new media” and of digital communication strategies that result.
Find him on twitter : http://twitter.com/marronniern



Ellen Nikonova is a student at Boston University, studying business administration with a concentration in international management. She discovered Social Media Club recently, but found it very interesting, as it explores the world of social media, which is becoming increasingly important in the way we communicate and do business.

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