Pardon Our Pixels, We're Still Under Construction

After many years of dreaming up what a new members association web site could look like, I am really happy to show you what's been in my mind the last few years. But we still have a little way to go, and being in the middle of the storm that is SxSW has not allowed us to complete all of our content tasks, so please pardon our pixels the next few days as we get this new site together.

If you are an active professional member (meaning you paid for the $100 professional membership within the past 11 months or so) you already have an account on the system as we have been migrating you over to this new system, just request a new password using the email at which you receive our SMC Email Newsletter. If you aren't and you are up for it, join today and get the benefit of being one of the first new members in our speakers directory, members directory and blogroll.