Recent Changes in Our Dallas and DC Chapters

I have some exciting news from our chapters in Dallas, Texas; and in Washington, D.C.

Leaders in these chapters have stepped down from their role in SMC to pursue passions unique to their cities. These community leaders have or will create separate nonprofit associations to address their communities’ unique local needs that are outside the global Social Media Club vision.

The former SMC leaders from the Dallas chapter will be announcing their new brand and company name later this year, and the former leaders from the DC chapter have created Digital District. I wish them luck in their future endeavors and look forward to working alongside them and their new organizations.

What does this mean for local SMC members?

All SMC members in the Dallas and DC areas still have valid memberships with SMC and they are still affiliated with their chapters. The Dallas and DC chapters have not changed nor are going away. They are undergoing leadership change and will resume activities by the end of the year.

This also means that these chapters are looking for new leadership! If you’re interested in stepping into a leadership role for either chapter, email us at chapters @

What does this mean for other chapters?

This does not affect other chapters.

I want to remind you that chapters are a part of a whole of our global organization. Chapters cannot charge for memberships, apply for tax IDs or be incorporated, as you are all a part of SMC.

If you’re a leader with a vision that is outside of the SMC mission statement, I invite you to pass your title to another leader and create your organization. You are welcome to have overlapping participants and become partners or sponsors with your chapter or even with SMC. Please direct questions to chapters @ or add a comment below. Thanks!