Resources for Advertising on Twitter

We’ve all seen Promoted Tweets go viral in a short amount of time, such as Toyota’s Prius Goes Plural and Virgin America’s Company Expansion into Canada, but do you have to be a Fortune 500 company to successfully advertise on Twitter?  

The answer is no.  Many new third-party advertising platforms are coming out of the woodwork to help your small or medium-sized business advertise on Twitter and you don’t need $15,000 to get started.

TwitFooter allows you to display your latest tweet in your email signature.  After setup, your Twitter status will be updated automatically.  TwitFooter is free and works in Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and more.   

Sponsored Tweets connects advertisers and tweeters to promote word of mouth.  The advertiser creates the message they would like to send then describes the type of person they would like to send out the message.  Sponsored Tweets makes a list of eligible tweeters and the advertiser can then make offers to qualified individuals.  

With Offerpop, you can use choose from any of the available Facebook or Twitter apps to create your own campaign.  Offerpop then generates landing pages or tabs to encourage viewers to complete simple actions.      

TwitHawk is a geo-targeting marketing platform where users can set up search phrases within a specific location.  TwitHawk then searches Twitter and gives you a list of tweets that you can reply to or ignore.  Users are given ten credits when registering.  Afterwards, credits must be purchased in advance in packs at 5 cents per tweet.

You do not need to be a large business to advertise on Twitter, Promoted Tweets are not the only option.  The above mentioned are only a few advertising platforms out there. 

You can visit to find more advertising tools that fit your needs and budget.