You are currently viewing Review: MarketingProf University’s Social Media Marketing Fast Track Course (Part 2)

Review: MarketingProf University’s Social Media Marketing Fast Track Course (Part 2)

Take a look at the tags at the end of this article and ask yourself this, out of all the people mentioned, who do you know, what have you learnt from them, how much have you shared in return and who would you be curious to learn more about? 

If you are like me, it’s a very hard decision.  Although some topics are not of interest to me at the moment, all of the 22 presenters who participated in MarketingProf University’s Social Media Marketing Fast Track course had something say that made me curious to learn more; since I’m in corporate education, being curious, is always a good thing.  

Here are some insights from 4 presenters that spoke on 4 topics I’m currently working on,

Creating Videos 

Presenter – Michael Miller, Founder, The Molehill Group 

Topic – YOUTUBE:  How to Create your own YouTube Channel for Marketing

Why – I’m working on a series on how to create videos for interviews, team building, and general fun as well as developing screen-casts for software and social learning tutorials.   

Take Away – Important to create an effective channel page where people take the information and apply it.  Make it easy for people to find, share, embed, subscribe and make comments regarding your videos.  

Community Management 

Presenter – Tamar Weinberg – Techpedia 

Topic – How to Effectively Manage a Social Community 

Why – I’m currently studying community management in order to create my own group in LinkedIn as a proto-type for ongoing learning and enhance my international communities within my corporate environment.   

Take Away – the best communities are designed where people can contribute to their own learning through conversation and collaboration.  In a corporate environment my communities set, enforce and police themselves (most of the time.)  In a public forum, be present, direct the conversation and don’t hesitate to set and enforce policies when necessary. 


Presenter – Brian Clark CEO, Copyblogger Media

Topic – The Centerpiece of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Why –   I have strong belief in creating an environment where people know where to go, who to ask, take the information and apply it.   Blogging is a great vehicle in which to capture people imaginations of what is possible.  

Take Away – When you share great content you begin to build relationships of trust.  When you share information it gives people the opportunity to share back and then opens the door for further conversations.  Sharing information makes people feel good; it makes them a part of something bigger than themselves.  

Engagement 2.0 

Presenter – Scott Stratten— President, UnMarketing

Topic – Seven Deadly Social Media Sins

Why – I’m currently reading his book UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging published by John Wiley and Sons.  For me, it’s always been about creating healthy learning communities where people create their own environment to learn together.  To do that people need to be engaged in what they are doing, to know that what they are doing has meaning and purpose and has a positive effect. 

Take Away – Believe in what you do; people are forgiving when mistakes are made if you truly care about making it right.  Mission statements are useless if you cannot follow through.  Social Media is about being social, about being curious, and interested in what people are saying.  If you do not personally believe in what you are doing then find something else.  Given the media in which people can communicate your attitude will do more damage to yourself, and to your company.  

It has been said “nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion,”   that is true; without belief, drive, determination, perseverance, courage and persistence where would any us be?  

So now it’s your turn.  Social Media Club’s Social Media Masters will be touring a number of North America cities beginning with Atlanta on August 26, 2011.   Whether it’s being held in your city or not, ask yourself these two questions: 

  1. What presentertopic would you be interested in learning more from and why?      

  2. How would you share it within the Social Media Club?  

Let’s make the Social Media Club an environment where we can learn together.