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Rules for CrowdForce: A Social Reality

Now that social allows many actions and reactions, the crowd knows the rules to be heard. Brands, people and personalities may be aware of it and get their kicks on the right tracks. How could we say that “it” works so far and which kind of mechanisms are behind? Let’s share thoughts and insights, bring them to the table and discuss around…

1) Crowd is you, me and many; simple, natural but together not an individual. Many shapes and reactions because of amplitude, size or intensity are dangerous, built by the motivation and gear of the final cut. This group energy is really powerful, try to engage it in the best direction.

2) Crowdworking, crowdsourcing, crowdthinking, think tank…Because we have a “thing” to do together then we can’t solve alone. Consider it before participating and dealing with the result as a group production. No personality cult, no mistrust, just collaborative set. Be proudly aware of that.

3) Crowdtools are multitude. Some write, some react, some talk. Some share videos, sounds, project launch. Some only communicate to keep from staying alone. Some simply stare. What is common is that we’re never alone anymore and it’s an encouraging fact for all ventures, ideas and social growth.

4) Social changed medias, because of the crowd effect. Media is not unidirectional anymore, and at any time may be found a dark judgment. Crowd is now a media like anything else and act like a media: expression, tune, style and opinions. Lead crowd and guide it to the best purpose, to enhance energy efficience.


5) Crowd must be passionate. If not, there’s no reaction. Be prepared for storytelling, send passion, sense and experience through your inputs and get back many more in return.

6) Crowd result is not the sum of members but many more. Engage and influence the crowd, and act like a community manager: reward, train, inform. But don’t kill the energy of any member to build and enhance the whole result.

7) Crowd has its own way of expression, how must I say, many ways of expression. Each member has his own, preferred one. Prepare to deal with many, cope with them and manage many ways of communication.

8) Crowd may be noisy and heard. Be careful of any attention and opinion. Soon, it could be unstoppable. The rare energy inside a collective process can sweep any defence strategy. Mess with the best and die with the rest!

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