SMC Bids Hejda to @AndersSporring

Editor’s Note: Anders Sporring wrote his first Clubhouse post in June 2011 questioning the necessity of professional networks. He continued to publish many other pieces for us. All good things must come to an end — and Anders asked we publish the following from his heart to yours…

My dear friends and followers, this has been a decision that’s been growing in me for a while now and it hasn’t been an easy one. But read on and understand why I take this step now.

I have had a couple of years with deep depression and panic anxiety that was really really rough of me, however I’m cured from that now and back in a much better shape than ever. So happens this about a month ago: I get a heart infraction, and here I am rocking a new job since January as acting IT and ICT responsible at our local libraries here, lost 23 kilos in weight and 20 cm in waist (that’s for you nonmetric readers 50.6 lbs and 7.9 inches) So I’m a steady and insuring path to a longer life when this happens, and it really hurt me in so many ways. I realize that my lifespan that I have planned out until 2077 (I would by then be 118 years) will be harder but not impossible to reach. I will have to do some changes in life, nothing major but still changes. And my overly creative brain needs to learn how to truly relax from time to time too.

So here I am, I would love to contribute with articles, but I can’t be pressured (well… you have’t been pressing me, but still….) to write, my articles have to come when they come to me, and I’m not so sure my writing will be about social media any longer. My intrerests and mindset has gone further and beyond what is described as this, however I will always be a part of the great family of Social Media Club and I hope I can continue to be a Brand-ambassador in the future too. Because I see an organization with the goal to legitimize the professionals working with the commonly known as social media, but as I see as a part of life now.

The focus for my writing right now is on a book with the work tile ‘The chameleon’ which is partly a self experienced story, but is also partly fiction. I hope to have it finished by next year.

My new direction and my new path in life is not fully set yet, but some of you might be surprised to see where I’m heading in this amazing journey called my life. I don’t believe in coincidences but I fully believe in God and his power to show us the right path in life. Being a son of a priest I have resisted, and returned to my faith over and over again and this is one of my struggles as well as one of my prerogatives. 

And here I am now, leaving the editorial team which I have loved being a part of, and that I one day hope maybe to return as a guest poster on. And maybe the future holds more awesomeness and randomness, but that is another story to come later on.

Love, faith and understanding for the future and good luck to my fellow editorial friends all around the globe!


Anders Sporring

SMC wishes Anders well and would love to see a guest post when he is ready. Please consider adding a comment below; and you can tweet him at @AndersSporring.