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Social dating means you’re now a part of the media

If you’ve ever walked around these many apps or websites, surfing on the huge opportunity of “modern and single life,” you’re now more than ever exposed to the world window in a few seconds. It’s of course well known that the “first impression is the best,” so you’d better kick on your best profile. I’m not really a regular user of these (or only for professional reasons I mean!), but what strikes me is that any person is transformed into a “potential economic offer” on the market, where one must sell more than any competitor. I was asking myself some intrinsic questions about the whole phenomena facing me…

1) A market: yes it’s a strong, organized and ongoing market, working as any other, where goods are people and qualities, the best you can show.

2) You are at the same time, your merchandise, your PR, your customer service and delivering what you chose to. Such strong responsibilities on your shoulders, you’d better be ready to assume and to learn a lot before launch. I don’t know at that time if the “lean” process works too

3) Like any product or service, there is a customer service, after sales and loyalty program. Re-sell many times what you succeed to show. And there’s a special program for a long term relation, trust or engagement with it.

4) Messages, attitudes, opinions are at least your own but shape your profile too. Watch your reactions and postures, to reflect your true nature.

5) You are your own advertising agency and spokespeople. You are your pitch, brand and values. Vision yourself as real as possible as you “IRL.”

6) The Snapchating mindset comes to dating. Look at the new apps (below) and convince yourself you can be catch or left, in a single finger slide. And then the whole storytelling you built vanishes in the air. The instant reality, the burning real-time consuming fever invades the relations market. Are we built to resist such manners? Are we ready to be thrown away in a second?

7) If you’re a medium, you need to build your audience. To be read, desired, asked and at least understood. Then to monetize your brain time, attention and leisure. Watch all the dead-end media that fall into forgotten realms that nobody wants anymore.

8) The following element is to stay, sustain and concretely build a valuable story. That means that you can succeed once and never do it again. Media is not a shot but a strong editorial line, with you too. If you’re here to stay, invest in “soaping yourself” around a remarkable story.

9) The most addictive among you can deal with a “subscribing yourself” attitude. Hunting or collecting, you won’t do it as a debutant. You can feel your power of RP, attraction that shapes the best media in the world. Create crossroads to date your audience and give them clues to solve. Nurture the mystery of growing and feeding relationships.



I would like you to share your kind of experience in maybe these fields, some “unplugged” version of yourself, and what you learned. Feel free to respect privacy and intimate details, but get the essence for the whole community. Who dares?
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