Social Marketing Shift: The Story of Now

Laurent Blondeau is the CEO of Buzzed-In and shares thoughts about social marketing behaviors for new customer experiences. You can tweet him at @evidencesx.

Marketing is changing and I want to share a list about exploding audiences, collaboration, and brand footprints in the web marketplace.

Connect to customers: I think it’s in the title. If you didn’t see the fact that customers want to be considered as a real people, with advice, voice, and opinion, and not as number or a cash machine!

Stop deafness: Listening to new insights and voices for brands shapes marketing of products and services from the outside of the company

Make marketing accountable: With one of the “three dimensional” skills of CMO: quantitative methodic

Stare at “where” the customers are (and “fish where the fish are”)

Make marketing a C-level role to strategic level

Start the socialization of customers with SCRM where systems are not owned by companies but fully controlled by customers

Achieve the shift between manufacturing culture to consuming culture, with social stones

Be “there”, after all: where are really the customers (the difficulty is the mobile era that boost the necessity of being ubiquitous for the brands)

Messages are bi-directional and morphing because brands must listen and stare at what’s going on now, from the valuable opinions all around the social web

Customers have a voice and know now, how to use it: being too much deaf would produce deaf services and products for empty market

The monologue has passed away: Try to sort of the noise confusion and get the smartest ideas from out of the box.

Embrace the challenge of new media: The abilities to “talk” to customers boosted in a multi-directional shape means using the tools where they talk, listen, and take informations. The new platforms for audience.

Reinvent marketers’ curiosity: More than ever curiosity is the most efficient skill to “open world” communities, and makes you “breathe the trends”

“Fail can become an option” for learning, experiment and grow the value purpose. Shorter cycles, decisions, and experience samples and protos

Customers can do marketing for you, and employees, partners, audience, and suppliers too. Let’s party with them, and grow communities!

“Like” the likers: be aside all who make effort to click and send love to you

Identify virtual tellers and workers who shape their own opinion of your brand

Know and learn or grow your new skills as: creativity, design but dealing with figures and datas. And if you hire, don’t hire a marketer but an artist, social inspired

Marketing is experience: Make us free for customers and create the CEM for your brand (Customer Experience Management)

Marketing is experiences: Allow customers to share fails, tests, samples and experiences, even make them build their own with your brand/products. You can’t even imagine how fertile, collaborative and addict are your silent fans — and they will shout it on the web!

The customer is not an idiot, he’s your boss. Live with it or die!

The new management paradigm: push/pull balance with innovation, customers, market. Marketing as a regulator, “community manager” more than the brand dictate

It’s up to you to decide how you deal with it and which marketing you deserve.