Social Media Action Camp #SMWsmac

Join us on Tuesday, Feb 19th, 2013 for the Social Media Action Camp (#SMAC), which is a one day event designed to provide a digital communications learning environment for small business owners, media enthusiast and entrepreneurs. The camp features a mix of learning sessions that are created with a priority on actionable information.

In addition to the topic and summary, each session has a clearly stated set of learning outcomes to keep the sessions on track and meet the expectations of the attendees.

Last year the event was a big success, and while I could point to the SMAC being the most socially shared event on, the sellout of 100 attendees in just 16 days or even the fact that we contributed 5% of the activity on twitter around #SMWNYC, it was really a success because feedback from the attendees was exactly what we hoped, grateful for instruction, facts, data, tactics and methods. In the world we live in there are many standing on the soap box talking about how wonderful Social Media is, but we placed an emphasis on the action that you have to take to make social media work for you.

The Social Media Action Camp will kick off at 8:30am and continue to 4pm at the Steelcase Showroom overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park. We’ll be hard at work building an agenda that will provide a mix of purposeful content. Content that will be both fun and educational. Last year we had some great presentations and not just Social Media, but Sales, Search, Mobile and even events. We put a great emphasis on Learning Outcomes and Actionable Content, so if you choose to attend or follow us on the LIVE Stream via the virtual ticket.


Social Media Club is pleased to be an official partner for this year’s event, which means Social Media Club members can join us for this event for just $59. General Admission is $79.


We hope to see you all there! 


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