Social Media Agencies United, A Collaborative Party

This year for Blog World Expo happening from October 14-16th, we are fortunate to be media partners and also exhibitors (use discount code SMCVIP20 when registering). We are really looking forward to seeing many of our Social Media Club members from around the world, some of which are  unable to make it to our 1st conference and membership meeting, Social Media University taking place from Nov 10-12 in Orlando, FL.

We are also very much looking forward to hosting Social Media Clubhouse #4, sponsored by Lenovo during BWE where a few members will be in residence, covering the conference for all of you who are unable to make it to Las Vegas. We are going to be announcing more about the Clubhouse shortly, as soon as we update the Web site (couple days I hope). While all the beds are filled, we will soon be taking applications for one of the remaining two spots for the resident VJ jobs, as we did with SxSW 2010 where Jeremy Tanner and Kole Christensen did an awesome job and made the house so much more enjoyable.

But all of that is just background. 

The reason for this post today is that we are planning an "unofficial" party for Blog World Expo, Social Media Agencies United (please help me get a better name!). Inspired by the "Colors of Web 2.0" party from back in 2005, we are asking Social Media Agencies to Unite to do something special with us for social media professionals (club members only, but you can join for free). Happening after the opening night Blog World Party, and hosted at our Social Media Clubhouse, this is going to be fantastic fun, and a great chance to increase awareness of your agency and its services. Limited to 20 agencies, we are seeking a sponsorship fee of $1,000 each to cover the expenses of the DJ, the booze, the staff, some food etc…

The party sponsorship is limited to agencies only, but we do have other opportunities if you are interested in getting involved here, or at SMCH during Le Web in December, or at CES in January, or at SxSW next year.

We are also still seeking a sponsor for the Social Shuttle on both Friday and Saturday nights, but those details and photos of the Clubhouse we have leased for BWE are in the Slideshare presentation below. The house is simply incredible. We are so psyched and looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas just about one month from today!