Social Media Book Club May Selection: Curation Nation by Steven Rosenbaum

We are introducing our May Book of the Month, Curation Nation by Steven Rosenbaum.  

Curation Nation being featured as our May title could not have come at a better time, as there have been some lengthy debates around paid content vs. free content and why context is more important than ever. 

We asked ten of our Professional members and chapter leaders to read and review Curation Nation on behalf of Social Media Club, here are some of their main takeaways,

Curation Nation does not put all the focus on mining the media for content. I like that Rosenbaum gives props to those who are excellent creators of content. After all, where would curation be if there were not original content to curate? While suggesting the various tools for building one’s own curation site (Twitter, Google Alerts, etc.), he also suggests mixing in a bit of original content to give your site, e-zine or blog its own personality.

via Chris Craft, SMC Small Business Member

The main takeaway I received from this book is that curation is not new, it has been around probably since the beginning of humankind. The need has always been and will always be there. The change occurs in the technology within which we are curating in. The book ends with setting the reader up with the question of what now. We are now at the dawn of a new revolution where curation may go back to being more homespun and less top down. It’s also a time where everyone is, can, and should be a curator since there are no real technical or financial barriers to owning your own little corner of the web. 

 via Andrea Fuller, SMC Professional Member

Laced with case studies and interviews from Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, Jeff Jarvis, among many other great online marketers, Curation Nation is a strong and powerful book that makes you think about how the world is changing and how important it is to be on board before you “miss the boat.”

via Hilary Topper, SMC Long Island President and Small Business Member


In an effort to continue discussion around curation and connect our Social Media Club community with our featured Book Club authors, we are hosting a complimentary webinar available to Social Media Club Members (Open/Pro/SMB/Corporate) on Monday, May 23rd at 2pm EDT highlighting, Curation Nation with author Steven Rosenbaum, register here.  

As a Social Media Club Professional Membership benefit, we are inviting Professional members to be part of our Social Media Book Club.  If you are a Professional Member and interested in receiving, reviewing and sharing your feedback with the rest of the SMC community, please email Jessica (Jessica at socialmediaclub dot org) for details.

The Social Media Book Club will feature social media’s most innovative thought leaders, who have written books that can help our global community learn, improve and share.  We have selected several titles we will be introducing to you at the beginning of each month and have asked several of our Professional members and chapter leaders to help us review the monthly titles. 

Social Media Club officially launched a monthly book club last month, and has already featured titles such as, Wikibrands and Content Rules, with complimentary webinars made available to our SMC community.

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