Social Media Club 2012 Census Results

Social Media Club has just completed our annual census and we are pleased to share the results with you now.  Our community continues to expand and in the last year we added 28 new Chapters (total of 346), and are now in 56 countries (increase from 49 last year) on six continents. High growth areas for us are in the Middle East and Asia Pacific – with large communities forming in countries including Bahrain, Kuwait and Singapore. Our newest Chapter just launched in Westchester in New York (USA), and we are working with 20+ other cities right now, including; St. Petersburg (Russia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Tunisia, and Tucson (Arizona, USA).  


  • In two short years, our community has grown from a reach of 100,000 professionals to well over 500,000. This is something we are extremely proud of as Social Media Club is wholly run by volunteers and all marketing is currently done through word of mouth efforts. 
  • From a global standpoint, the Social Media Club Headquarters has a total potential reach of 161,182 (40% increase over last year) with 116,000+ Twitter followers; 18,000+ Facebook Fans); and 7,900+ members in our LinkedIn Group, plus our opt-in e-mailing list.
  • There are 189 in the United States/Canada and 157 International Chapters
  • There are more than 80 chapters who have active LinkedIn Groups with Seattle, WA being the largest (2,831 members) and the Dallas, TX Chapter a close second with 2,012 members. 
  • Among our Chapters, 200 of them have Facebook Fan pages with the largest being Moscow (10,779 fans which is an increase of 51% over 2011). Seattle is second with 9,037 fans (220% increase over 2011) and Detroit is the third largest with 3,020 (29% increase over 2011). Interesting to note, these same chapters had the largest Facebook communities last year as well. 
  • There are approximately 75 Chapters that meet less frequently and/or have launched and since gone dormant. If there is a Chapter in your area that needs some help re-launching, please send an email (kristie [at] socialmediaclub [dot] org) and we would be happy to support your efforts locally. 


Top Five Twitter Accounts:

1. Dallas, TX (USA) 9,147

2. Seattle, WA (USA) 9,037 

3. Washington DC (USA) 8,287

4. Sacramento, CA (USA) 5,512

5. Portland, OR (USA) 5,435  


Ten largest chapters by total potential reach across all social channels used: 

1. Seattle, WA – 15,460  (29% increase over 2011)

2. Dallas, TX – 14,780 (47% increase over 2011)

3. Washington DC – 12,007 (28% increase over 2011)

4. Moscow – 10,808 

5. Kansas City, MO – 8,926* 

6. Chicago, IL – 8,293 

7. Miami, FL – 8,262  

8. Sacramento, CA – 7,693 

9. Berlin – 7,185  

10. Mexico City – 6,373    


* UPDATED: It seems we have not mastered the toughest social media skill ever (aka: copy and paste) as Kansas City was erroneously listed as the 7th largest Chapter, when in fact, they are actually 5th. 


The next twelve months are an exciting time for the organization as we just announced our new Board of Directors and we continue to expand our Editorial Team, develop new programming, including our member only webinar series, and invest in our corporate website, Chapter infrastructure and leadership education for the good of the entire community.

We wish to thank you all for your continued support of Social Media Club and look forward to connecting with you, where ever you are, over the coming year!