Social Media Club and Lenovo Provide Professional Headshots at BlogWorld Expo

Lenovo + SMC Headshot from BWE10 - Bryan ThatcherPart of Lenovo's support of Social Media Club at BlogWorld Expo 2010 was hiring professional photographer Bryan Haraway to shoot professional portraits (aka headshots) at our booth on the Expo floor. It is just another way we are trying to live the path we encourage other organizations to follow, to not just participate in the community, but to contribute value. It is also a good fit with our values and an opportunity to showcase Social Media Club as the industry's professional trade association. Lenovo + SMC Headshot from BWE10 - Amanda Coolong

All in all, we took photographs of 143 people, with 101 coming on Day One of the expo, including this great one of our good friend Bryan Thatcher on the right, and the more traditional shot of Amanda Coolong at the left. They are available as high resolution and web images in this set of all the professional headshots we took on Flickr.  They are editable and licensed to each individual featured for their own personal and professional use without limitation.

Rather then watermarking these photos, we added a 'commemorative'/branded border, giving each subject the ability to crop the image as needed for either print or online use.

We want to thank Lenovo for providing this great benefit to our members and friends during BlogWorld Expo 2010. You can find them on Twitter, on Facebook and on the web. If you are a fan, connect with them and find out what they are up to in social media.

We also want to thank BlogWorld Expo for inviting us to be media partners for what turned out to be a fantastic event this year.  It's been a long time since I have seen such an engaging and lively expo floor as a part of a conference – making BWE10 quite unusual in having great content on stage, great conversations in the hall, strong engagement on the expo floor and great parties at night.