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Social Media Club Fall Tour 2010 Hosts "Dads Who Lunch"

You may have heard the old saying “never eat lunch alone“. This is an idea that every business person should embrace. In fact, right now there is even a movement to “Take Back Your Lunch” as part of the book “The Way We are Working, Isn’t Working“. They are trying to re-energize the work force in order to improve our competitive edge, and light the fire of innovation in our collective bellies.
We want to do something a little different. We want to take a cue from those “ladies who lunch”, and re-interpret it for the modern man, who is working, who is blogging, who is a father, who is facing a whole new set of previously unseen issues, to bring them together during the work week, as a respite from the work day, to get back some personal time and to invest it in themselves and their families.

Dads Who Lunch is just what the name says it is. A group of dads who get together over lunch. While we are primarily bringing together ‘dads who blog’ to get together for lunch, to discuss matters of Social Media and family, and to lean on each other for support perhaps from time to time, ultimately this idea will become what the community wants it to be more then what we want it to be.

Initially we will be hosting a series of conversations in 12 cities across the US, sponsored by Chevy Cruze. During these conversations, we won’t only be unearthing issues dad’s face in dealing with social media and their families, we will also be seeking your input about Dads Who Lunch, and what you want it to be.
We estimate there will be room for up to 20 people in each city.

Along the way, as we tour the country, I will also be hosting evening conversations with Social Media Club entitled “Social Media + Family”. But don’t let the name fool you, we couldn’t do this without the mom’s, we just are giving the dad’s a chance to finally bask in their bloggity goodness and share their unique perspective on these important issues. I will also be hosting meetings with local Social Media Club leadership groups, to discuss our new official chapter program.
So welcome to the very early, pre-theme customization, pre-logo days of Dads Who Lunch. Please leave us a note and let us know what you think, and especially if you want to help.

Join Chris Heuer, local panelists and Chevy Cruze who will be hitting the following cities over the next month.

Upcoming Dad’s Who Lunch Cities:

September 30th – Phoenix
October 4th – New York
October 6th – Denver
October 11th – Seattle
October 18th – Detroit
October 22st – Cleveland
October 25th – Washington D.C.
October 26th – Baltimore
October 28th – Boston

Dad’s Who Lunch has already hosted successful lunches in Atlanta, St. Louis and Minneapolis.

Check out the Minneapolis recap and follow the “Social Media + Family” conversation