Social Media Club Interview with Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company

Earlier this month, Social Media Club (SMC) hosted a booth at BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles, where industry thought leaders come together to discuss advancements and trends around new media.

We would like to give a hearty ‘thank you’ to Kat Calbes, Jennifer Boyd, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Garick Chan, Jen Newell, Daniel Head, Annette Goad, Laura Knapp, Chris Lam and Charles Miller who represent chapter leadership teams from across the Southern California region and volunteered their time to help us staff the booth. 

The highlight of the entire weekend for us was being able to connect with our leadership teams and members from across chapters in Guanajuato, Puerto Rico, Melbourne, Guadalajara, St. Louis, Dallas, Washington D.C., San Diego, San Francisco, San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles and Princeton. 

We captured interviews in the expo hall and asked people, what is the most personally rewarding part of being involved in social media for their brand?

We will be sharing all these interviews over the coming weeks but today, we’re featuring Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company. 

The Ford team has truly been on the cutting edge of social media and effectively integrated social into their marketing strategies. 

Check out this short interview with Scott Monty, Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager of Ford Motor Company.