Social Media Club Launches Official Book Club Program & Upcoming Events (March 2011)




Social Media Club is proud to officially announce our newest educational initiative, the Social Media Book Club.  This program will highlight one book per month to learn best practices, explore timely case studies and promote premiere thought leaders in social media. We will feature authors from McGraw-Hill, Wiley and Pearson Publishing who are working closely with the authors to present monthly complimentary webinars highlighting issues of particular interest to our professional community.  Our book club team is made up of chapter leaders and professional members with diverse backgrounds, which reflect our global community. 


Since the beginning of the year, we have actively sought to expand our Professional membership benefits and are excited to announce that we are going to extend the opportunity to review one of our books of the month, to our Professional members.  By reviewing one of our monthly titles, you will have access to some of the most innovative content coming from industry thought leaders.  If you are a Professional member and are interested in joining the Social Media Book Club team, please email Jessica for details


The Social Media Club March Book of the Month is, 


Wikibrands: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace by Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover


Wikibrands authors, Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover will be hosting a complimentary webinar for Social Media Club members on Thursday, March 31st at 2pm EST. 


If you would like to join this complimentary webinar, please register here


Read our Chapter Leaders Reviews of Wikibrands: 


We already invited ten of our chapter leaders from across North America to participate in a review of Wikibrands, you may read some of their reviews on their chapter pages.  SMC Nashville – SMC Baltimore –  SMC Atlanta 




Editorial Team Highlights



Have you seen, Four Things Marketers Can Learn from Game Designers…? What about Is Social Media Killing the Placement Ad? 


Our editorial team is posting original content daily on Social Media Clubhouse blog, please subscribe here


Our team reflects Social Media Club’s global community with bloggers from Mexico, Sweden, The Netherlands, India and the United States. 


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Weekly #SMCEDU Chat 


Are you an educator? Join #SMCEDU chat every Monday, 12:30pm EDT (UTC/GMT -4 hours) with guest hosts from the higher education field, discussing how to integrate emerging technologies into their curriculum, exchanging recources and sharing best practices. 


If you missed it, Social Media Club Founder, Chris Heuer hosted a session at Social Media Clubhouse 6 in Austin, discussing #SMCEDU in depth. Watch video here.  


Upcoming Events 


Social Media Camp SD (San Diego, CA) – On Saturday, April 30, 2011, Social Media Club in collaboration with Social Media Club San Diego are hosting a full-day of Social Media Camp at Sony Electronics Headquarters.  Social Media Camp is a one day education and networking event for the local community of social media professionals and those seeking to learn social media in a high energy, collaborative environment. 

Corporate Member Highlight


Our deepest thanks to H&R Block for supporting Social Media Club as a Corporate Sponsor. 


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Welcome our Newest Professional Members


SMALL BUSINESS: Tiger TowingEisbrenner Public RelationsYahooAMP AgencyBrick MarketingCustom CopywritingSouth Bend Regional Airport, and Lee Bogner


PROFESSIONAL: Johannes Eglau, Jeremy Juhasz, Katie Krawczyk, Dominic Franceschi, Derek Reese, Angela Lechtenberg, Mary Ann Halford, Scott Wendling, Ernst Demmel, Chi-Hang Liu, Rachel Gottlieb, Victoria White, Timothy Piazza, Ashleigh Brookshaw, Christine Larade, Amanda Powers Snowden, Douglas Miller, Maripat Quinn, Janet Fouts, Alexis Karlin, Michael Menche, Liz Koch, Basil Puglisi, Vivian Leber, Jason Yormark, Kimberly Harrison, Michael Seilback, Barbara Thompson, Lamar Tyler, Thomas Diederich, Emily Vontom, J.D. Calvin, Michele Turpin, Levi Neuland, Joseph nolan, Gabrielle Baker, Steven Groves, James Davies, Sueanne Shirzay, Anthony Hazzard, Iman Jalali, Louise DiCarlo, Andrea Guerrero, Sarah Lee, Laura Czaja, Douglas Haslam, Natalie Paul, Renee Brendle, Nina Tekwani, Natalie Petouhoff, Lisa Duke, Kevin Casey, Jeremy Williams, Kevin Tuskey, Kelli Anderson, Linda George, Pamela Arnold, Polly Roberts, Erin Egan, Jennifer Carmean, Evan Bloom, Lynne O’Leary, Renee Martinez, Laurence Sheehan, Carmille Lim, Lauren Francis, Anna Teeples, Tammi Hitchcock, Philippe Leclerc, Kristy Meyer, Maria Gustafsson, Ingela Hjulfors Berg, Johan Lange, Anders Sporring, Thomas Selig, Smith Milner, Lizette Campechano, Jennifer Watson, Ramon De Leon, Marcy Swenson, Gina Bivona, Sarah Worthy, Evan Hamilton, Sarah Thomas, Jen Reeves, Damien Cummings, Husamettin Bayazit, Susan Price, Christie Batterman Jordan, Donna Sudderth, Joanna Seich, Peter Olson, Jose Luis Lopez, Tara Aaron, Becky Dan, Donna Rivera-Downey, Morgan Huff, Lauren Lacono, Melinda Moses, Alicia Nieva-Woodgate, Alec Goins, Amanda Phraner, Maja Trolle, Diana Harrelson, Tanya Thompson, Ronald Cannarella, Brian Snyder, David HM Spector, Elizabeth Dunham, Allison Thornton, Alexis Vabre, Tom Spano, Laura Burns, Alex Vidal, Chuck Dorantes, Leonard Grandsart, Jackie Lampugnano, Katy Bailey, Courtney Jeffries, Christine Cube, Peter Leech, Vicki Flaugher, Susan Breidenbach, Neil Lemons, Mike McClure, Mike Schuler, Tyler Stratton and Fergal Coleman.